a humanistic perspective a humanist manifesto

What You Need To Know About A Humanistic Perspective

What is a humanistic perspective?  Some terms like humanist and humanism have a negative connotation in our culture.  Is it good or bad?  Let’s look a little closer at this philosophy.  Maybe it’s not as bad as they have led us to believe.

Consciousness is Like a Rainbow of Beautiful Colors

Consciousness is Like a Rainbow of Beautiful Colors

Consciousness is like a rainbow, a kaleidoscope of colors that blend from one to the next.  Yet, many people live their entire lives in just three primary colors.  There’s much more to experience in life.  See how to do it.

You Can Be Pro Facts and Truth But Not Anti-Religious

Be Pro Facts and Truth Not Anti-Religious

Being pro-facts and truth does not make you anti-religious.  Some religious traditions help preserve and protect the tools of consciousness development.  But, some are not.  Some are mythology and superstition.  Do you know the difference?

thought-provoking spiritual questions to ask spiritual questions to ponder

What’s The Best Spiritual Questions to Ask?

Do you have some thought-provoking spiritual questions to ask, but you don’t know who has the answers?  Come and follow a discussion involving ten exciting questions and answers on this subject.

The Benefits of Meditation Techniques

Learn About The Benefits of Meditation Techniques

You’ve heard about the benefits of meditation techniques, but you haven’t started using them, or you don’t use them regularly.  Here are 33 good reasons to learn how to meditate and four easy ways to do it.  You can make meditation a part of your daily routine.