Select a Religion Like Buying A Hat

Select a Religion Like Buying A Hat

If you can select a religion and choose your spiritual path, that is a privilege many do not have.  Choosing the right approach is like buying a hat; it needs to fit.  We have questions to help you in this process if you can choose.

New Age Versus Old Time Religion or Old-Time Religion

New Age Versus Old-Time Religion

What is “old-time” religion, and how does it differ from the New Age philosophy? Perhaps they are not as far apart as our culture would have us believe?

expanding our range of awareness three windows of awareness

Expanding Our Range and Scope of Awareness

Spiritual and intellectual growth requires expanding our range of perception and awareness. We need to open the three windows that govern the bandwidth of perception.  Do you know what they are and how to open them?

loving and fearing the unknown paranormal and supernatural

Loving And Fearing The Unknown —

Are you drawn to the paranormal and supernatural but also fear it? This love and fear relationship is a part of our instincts.  Understanding how this works helps us to control this automatic reaction.

Opposing Viewpoints Are the Arch Enemy of Your Religion

Opposing Viewpoints Are Enemies of Your Religion

Your personal and spiritual growth depends on your freedom of thought. That’s all you need to walk your “own” path.  See how this differs from organized religion, which sees new ideas and opposing viewpoints as enemies of their cash flow.

Can You Judge Correctly Like Themis

So, Can You Judge Correctly Like Themis?

Can you judge correctly like Themis, the Greek Goddess of Justice?  We are programmed to make choices, but not always with unbiased intent.  However, we can learn to be more like her. Let’s find out how.