The Mind is a Garden of Intention

The Mind is a Garden ― What are you Planting?

We create everything in the mind.  It is a garden where life grows.   But most people don’t grow the life they want.  Learn how to fix the soil and plant seeds that yield what you want.

Sigil Magick ― Ritualistic Magic

Sigil Magick Can Supercharge Your Ritualistic Magic

A blending of creativity, calligraphy, ritualistic magic, a dash of runes, and maybe some Hermetics magic results in a specialized form of hieroglyph writing, a Sigil.  Learn how you can use these symbols to enhance your spiritual practice.

the power of memories tools for positive change repeating question

How To Use The Power of Memories

The power of memories in our day-to-day lives is often overlooked. Memories are powerful tools.  If used correctly they are tools of positive change.

Words Shape Reality Change Your Self-Talk and Change Your Reality

Words Shape Reality Change Your Self-Talk

Our thoughts and words are powerful tools for shaping reality.  Shamanic tradition recognizes this powerful truth and uses it for the good of humanity.  You can too.