Exploring Pure Bliss Consciousness Bliss Consciousness Yoga Practices

Exploring Pure Bliss Consciousness And Bliss Consciousness Yoga Practices —

The fourth state of consciousness is the first higher state of consciousness. Anyone can reach it with a simple, practical method. Come and see why you should learn how to reach this fundamental stage of awareness.

Absolute, bliss, or pure are words describing the state of transcendent consciousness. Bliss consciousness yoga practices come from ancient Indian spiritual traditions. These methods are tools of enlightenment and self-realization. The right meditation method can open higher levels of consciousness. These higher states enable us to tap into the limitless reservoirs of the mind.

Reaching this state is not a distant dream reserved for a selected few. Instead, it is an inherent part of our being waiting to be awakened. Everyone can and should experience this partition of awareness. Why? Because this state underlays our awareness. It is like the sap in a flower that flows through every part of our awareness.

What is Pure Bliss Consciousness

We are born with access to three default partitions of awareness: waking, sleeping, and dreaming. Bliss awareness is the fourth partition of consciousness. This partition gives us a direct experience of the transcendent. It is the first higher state of consciousness that creates a platform for others.

Transcendental consciousness is a state of restful alertness. It is significant for the absence of our normal internal chatter. It also produces deeper rest than during sleep, but you are also fully aware. So, many describe this state as restful alertness.

Some people are born with the ability to move into this fourth state at will. These are the sages and mystics. They don’t need mediation techniques. Most people need assistance in gaining access to this partition of awareness.

Understanding Pure Bliss Consciousness

The fourth state is commonly referred to as “Turiya” in Sanskrit. This partition of awareness is described as pure, unbounded, and limitless. It is a state of profound unity with the universe. It is the foundation of advanced spiritual experiences. Reaching this state may seem like an uphill battle in our fast-paced lives. But it is not. And we’ll discuss the method to reach this state in a moment.

What makes exploring pure bliss consciousness so important? What is so important about reaching the transcendent? In our fast-paced and chaotic world, it is easy to lose sight of what truly brings us joy. We get caught up in the pursuit of material wealth and the never-ending cycle of desires. It is easy to forget to nurture our inner selves.

When we ground ourselves in our transcendent nature, we find peace and tranquility. lt helps us let go of external distractions. Embracing this state, we tap into this limitless reservoir of joy, which is part of our nature. We experience life in its fullest expression. Absolute bliss consciousness yoga practices help us reconnect with our true nature. This tool helps us discover what matters.

Studies (1) show there are immediate benefits to reaching this state. People who meditate regularly change their physiology. In this state, our body releases feel-good chemicals like endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. This practice doesn’t just uplift our mood. It produces measurable results in our physiology. The benefits include reducing stress, enhancing our immune system, and promoting better sleep. So, it improves our ability to cope with challenges.

Researchers measured heart rate, oxygen consumption, skin resistance, and brainwave activity. They conducted tests before, during, and after meditation. They found positive changes in these physiological measures. These benefits stayed with the meditator after meditating. It indicates that meditation reduces the harmful effects of stress.

Teachers from Maharishi, David Lynch (2), Wayne Dyer, and Joseph Campbell discuss the benefits of this state.

Benefits of Exploring Pure Bliss Consciousness

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As we enter the fourth state, our awareness expands to include the vast landscape of consciousness. Within this landscape, we find the gifts of the spirit. These are the highest attributes of human nature. We are able to open these gifts as we evolve and grow.

Everyone has their own set of gifts, which are part of DNA. As we develop a familiarity with the transcendent, we can unlock these gifts which enrich our lives.

“Absolute bliss consciousness belongs to the depths of everyone’s heart.” — Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (3)

Japa Meditation, or TM, is a vehicle for consciousness. The first stop on this journey is the fourth state of consciousness. This state provides the foundation for reaching higher states. It is also a place where we find inner healing.

“Transcendental meditation is like a car, a vehicle that allows you to go within. It’s a mental technique. You are given a mantra – the mantra that Maharishi gives is very specific, and you start to dive into subtler levels of mind, subtler levels of intellect. You transcend the whole show into pure or absoulute bliss consciousness. From your first meditation, you say, Whoa! It’s a unique experience, but a familiar experience.” — David Lynch

“Meditate. I practice Transcendental Meditation and believe that it has enhanced my open-mindedness, higher-level perspective, equanimity, and creativity. It helps slow things down so that I can act calmly, even in the face of chaos, just like a ninja in a street fight. I’m not saying that you have to meditate in order to develop this perspective; I’m just passing along that it has helped me and many other people, and I recommend that you seriously consider exploring it.”  ― Ray Dalio, Principles: Life and Work

There are spiritual as well as health benefits to exploring pure bliss consciousness. Some start because of the health benefits, only to find that it opens doors of awareness they did not expect.

“Transcendental Meditation has been practiced for stress relief, mindfulness, relaxing of the mind, and the development of self. Many use Transcendental Meditation to connect with themselves in a way that they can only do through meditation.” ― William E. Joyce, Transcendental Meditation: Hollywood’s Path Towards Happiness, Contentment, and Tranquility

Bliss Consciousness Yoga Practices

Yoga means the art of union. To practice Yoga means practicing techniques that integrate body, mind, and spirit.

The best way to enter this partition is with a proven method of meditation. Japa meditation or Transcendental Meditation (TM) (4) are both the same process. Japa is the traditional name for the technique. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi called this technique Transcendental Meditation (TM).

Japa meditation and Transcendental Meditation (TM) (4) are the same process. Japa is the traditional name for the technique which Maharishi Mahesh Yogi called Transcendental Meditation (TM).

This meditation technique involves repeating a mantra. Exploring pure bliss consciousness, yoga practices leverage the power of the mind. The mind naturally gravitates toward happiness and joy. The Mantra becomes a powerful tool in silencing the inner dialogue and producing deep rest and inner peace.

Preparation is a key ingredient in consistently reaching this state. An experienced teacher will give instructions about the process, which involves the use of a specific mantra. Knowing what to expect is important. It will help you overcome the common obstacles to using any meditation technique. The Mantra is a tool of vibrational energy. It is a vehicle that enables us to transcend thought and enter the fourth state of consciousness.

Learning Japa (TM) is easy. However, we don’t recommend learning bliss-consciousness yoga practices from an audiotape. The teacher needs to select a mantra specifically for you. You need to give and receive feedback during the learning process. Many students reach this state of bliss awareness the first time they meditate using this process.

If you are learning the Japa form of the technique, be sure the instruction includes three phases:

— pre-learning preparation/theory, proper use of the Mantra.
personal instruction throughout the learning process.
— post-learning follow-up meetings.

Last, if you can’t find someone qualified to teach Japa, contact the Transcendental Meditation Center near you. They are more expensive because they provide quality instruction in this technique. Both processes are identical. The only difference is the cost. Generics always cost less but may not be available everywhere.

Bliss Consciousness and Spiritual Awakening

Reaching the transcendental state is the key to spiritual awakening and personal development. Reaching the fourth state is critical for spiritual awakening. It is akin to opening the gates to dimensions beyond our current level of perception.

In Turiya lies the realization of the infinite and the dissolution of our perceived limits. Here, we experience the pure, uncluttered realm of transcendental consciousness. Its boundless nature surpasses the transient joys of the physical world. This state becomes a haven for spiritual growth. In this sacred space, we are at one with the universe and in perfect harmony with divinity.

Patanjali emphasized reaching the fourth state as a foundation for the Siddhis. He taught that we can direct the energy of consciousness. Practicing the Siddhis leads to higher states of consciousness. And so enlightenment is within our grasp.

The fourth state integrated the transcendent with our default states. This allows us to tap into higher realms of wisdom, intuition, and spirituality. It is in this state that we can activate the Siddhis, the divine abilities that lay dormant within us.

The introduction of the fourth state of consciousness accelerates spiritual awakening. Bliss consciousness yoga practices form the foundation of the Siddhis and other advanced methods.

Integrating this practice into our lives makes our spiritual journey a sublime dance of self-discovery. This partition helps us to transcend the limitations of a culture focused on materialism. It puts things in perspective and shifts our focus to the profound mysteries of existence. Here, we embrace the magic of our inherent divinity.   The fourth state is key to the path of enlightenment.

Insights Gained From Absolute Bliss Consciousness

Need more information to convince you that you need to Japa or TM? Here are ten intriguing insights gained from individuals who have delved into the depths of consciousness.

1. Awareness of Universal Love. Accessing this partition of consciousness unveils a heightened sense of love. But it is a love that is not limited to our family. It is a profound love that encompasses everything. In this state, individuals experience an overwhelming compassion for all living beings.

2. Realization of Interconnectedness. One of the insights gained from absolute bliss consciousness is the realization that we are interconnected. The barriers of individuality and separateness dissolve. It reveals the intricate web of life where every action and thought affects the collective whole. This is the experience of Oneness.

3. Transcendence of Time and Space. When in this state of awareness, time and space lose their hold over us. The limitations of time and the physical world dissolve. It allows us to perceive the expansive nature of the universe and our eternal existence.

4. Profound Clarity of Mind. In this heightened state of consciousness, the mind becomes incredibly clear and focused. The constant chatter of thoughts stops. It leaves space for our intuition to speak. The intuitive mind is the storehouse of creativity and problem-solving abilities. Exploring pure bliss consciousness is the essence of spiritual exploration.

5. Dissolution of Ego. This state of clarity offers a glimpse beyond the limitations of the ego. We realize that the self is a construct and not the essence of our being. This insight liberates us from the shackles of self-centeredness. This mindset enables us to approach life with humility and empathy.

6. Transcending Fear and Embracing Acceptance. Fear ceases to hold power in the transcendent. We realize that fear is an illusion, and embracing acceptance becomes the key to living a fulfilled life.

7. Connection to Higher Wisdom. Reaching this state opens the channel to connect with higher wisdom and receive profound insights. Suddenly, the answers to life’s deepest questions become accessible. The transcendence offers guidance for our personal growth and the betterment of humanity.

8. Integration of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Bathing the mind in pure consciousness unites the mind, body, and spirit into harmony. The physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of our being align. Proper alignment leads to enhanced physical health, emotional well-being, and spiritual fulfillment.

9. Enhanced Appreciation for Simplicity. Engaging the mind in the beauty of pure consciousness unveils the beauty within simplicity. The ordinary aspects of life become extraordinary. We learn to appreciate the smallest moments finding joy in the present. It’s one of the unexpected insights gained from absolute bliss consciousness.

10. Connection to Universal Energy. Those who meditate and reach the portal regularly report a common theme. They experience a profound connection to the universal energy. They become aware of the life force that flows through everything. This realization fuels a deep sense of purpose.


Japa meditation has spiritual and practical health benefits. Meditation that opens the mind to the fourth state is the path of growth. Exploring pure bliss consciousness is not an elusive state reserved for enlightened beings alone. It is within our reach, waiting to be tapped into through Japa Meditation or Transcendental Meditation (TM).

If you have not learned this technique, you are missing out on an extraordinary experience. Learning is easy, and once you have the technique, it is yours forever. It answers the call for you to explore your spiritual nature.

The insights gained from absolute bliss consciousness are profound. It is a journey that requires dedication, meditation, and introspection. If you have not reached this state, it may seem out of touch. You have nothing to compare it with. But if you want to improve your physical and spiritual health, this technique holds the key.

By embracing this ancient technique, we can cultivate peace, contentment, and joy in our lives. So, why not embark on this life-changing journey today? Experience the pure bliss that awaits beyond the limitations of our ordinary consciousness. Learn Japa or TM today.


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