symbols of resurrection and rebirth symbols of rebirth and transformation symbols of change

Deciphering The Symbols of Resurrection and Rebirth —

The typologies and symbols of rebirth and transformation are concepts which are a major element of our modern cultural folklore.  It is important to learn how these concepts shape your thinking and values.  Let’s start with a question.  What messages do you get from the main image of the article?

Awareness Tools and Techniques and The Continuum of Awareness

The Continuum of Awareness Tools and Techniques

Awareness expansion tools and techniques are one of the four pillars that provide the foundation of spiritual exploration.  They are methods to create your path.  Find out to use them to your full potential.

Beginning Meditation Script Seated Guided Meditation Script

You Will Love This Seated Guided Meditation Script

You have heard how meditation is good for your health.  Everyone can learn how, with this simple two-step beginning meditation script, which is the building block of many types of meditation techniques.

The Great Spiritual Experiment

Hey, What is The Great Spiritual Experiment?

What is the great spiritual experiment all about? It’s a personal quest conducted within a holographic universe for the purpose of learning life lessons.  So, it would be a good idea for you to learn the rules since you are already taking part in this experiment.

The Right Words Can Change The World Words Are Spells Words Shape Reality

The Right Words Can Change The World — Words Shape Reality

The right words can change the world for the better.  Shamanic tradition tells us words are the most powerful tools we possess.   This gives us clues about paradoxes of the world.  Some people are homeless, while others live in luxury.  Some places are beautiful and others look like the moon.

what is magic the Magical Foundation of Your Beliefs and Values

Revealing the Magical Foundation of Your Beliefs and Values

Understanding the magical foundation of your beliefs and values is one of the best ways to determine where you are on the spectrum of awareness.  Where do you fall on this continuum?  How much magical thinking is a part of your thinking? Are yo a freethinker or a religious conformist?