You Can Learn to Be a Spiritual Minimalist What is Spiritual Minimalism 2022

Learn to Be a Spiritual Minimalist — What is Spiritual Minimalism 2022?

A minimalist approach to life is a way to get the most out of life by reducing the unnecessary and unhealthy.  There is no better time to be a spiritual minimalist.  The spiritual benefits of minimalism 2022 may surprise you.  Come and see for yourself.

When you have less of what burdens you, you have more time and room for the things that matter the most. Doesn’t that sound good?

What Exactly is Minimalism?

Minimalism is a simple way of living with the only those things which are essential.  We do the same with the spiritual aspect of life.  This approach requires the elimination of the things which simply take up space and time.  This leaves you more time and resource to enjoy the things which matter.

You don’t just get rid of all your possessions.  That is not healthy.  But the process requires you to examine your relationship to things and even people.  If you become a spiritual minimalist, it’s possible you will find people in your life which have an unhealthy effect on you.  All you need is courage.

What is Spiritual Minimalism 2022?

If you take the minimalist approach to life, soon or later you will find it has spiritual implications. Every item you remove gives you space.  Not space for other things, but space to enjoy those things which really matter.

The things we fail to have time for in our modern world are time to meditate and time to contemplate.  That’s too bad because these practices help recharge our physical and spiritual batteries.

What Are The Spiritual Benefits of Minimalism

What exactly is Minimalism the Spiritual Benefits of Minimalism

Look at the lives of the greatest sages.  You’ll see they practiced minimalism out of necessity.  Yep.  Their possessions comprised what they wore and not much else.  Their greatest spiritual breakthroughs occurred in private, mostly in the wilderness.  This is the opposite of everything Western theology commercialism stands for. (1)

When you are a part of an organized religion, you spend the majority of your time indoors listening to others talk about the others who walked the path.  It has become a place where you show off your socioeconomic status, not a place where you get tools to walk your own path.

There is no better time to begin spiritual minimalism 2022 than now.  It reminds us of the ancient adage, when is the best time to plant a tree?  The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.  It may take you a while to call yourself a spiritual minimalist, but the benefits of your decision are immediate.

1)  One of the first spiritual benefits of minimalism is finding out that most of the things you spend much of your time on have little or no meaning.  They are trappings of religiosity and commercialism.  Once you see all the sacred books, temples, and churches as monuments to religious commercialism, then you are at a crossroads.  You can make smart choices. Or ignore your new insight and go back to sleep.

2) If you decide to stay awake, you have the benefit of eliminating those things which weigh you down physically and spiritually.   This process can take some time, and it can be uncomfortable.  It helps if you have partners to keep you motivated and on track.  Spiritual minimalism 2022 has some new roadblocks because of COVID—19.

3) Once you start down this way of living, the spiritual benefits of minimalism will begin to manifest.

  • More time to do what you enjoy.
  • Fewer things to worry about.
  • Less stress and more joy and fulfillment.
  • It means you have a new level of freedom and spiritual autonomy.
  • More healthy mindset is free of sectarian bias and prejudice.

Learning to be a Spiritual Minimalist

1) The process starts with the elimination of all things related to organized religion.  No more sacred books, no more meetings, no more identification with the false light of spirituality.

It’s hard because you’ve likely cultivated many relationships with those involved in the religion.  Those who are truly your friends will stay in contact. Those who only used the relationship to support their beliefs will leave.

It is easy to spot this negative thinking.  It culminates in sectarianism, bias, racial and gender prejudice.  If you have any of these, you need to remove it and the source from your thinking.

All you need are tools to explore the inner world of your consciousness.  Many of these tools you can find for free on this website.  You can find everything from beginning to advanced forms of meditation to Lucid dreaming, Shamanic Journey scripts and Third-Eye Activation.

2) Assess your values in relation to materialism.  Materialism focuses on the accumulation of things as a measure of socioeconomic status.  The more you “buy into” this philosophy, the less you are likely to enjoy the things you acquire (2).

3) Assess your living space.  Here again, most Americans have houses much larger than they need, which means they spend unnecessary money for upkeep, heating and cooling.  The smaller house phenomena is an extreme alternative, but many people who choose this route find they don’t miss all the extra room.  It gives them more life choices because they aren’t tied to a huge mortgage.

Use decluttering to find out what things you really use and enjoy.  Give away clothes you can’t wear, or don’t wear.  Most Americans wear less than 20% of the clothes they own.

What exactly is minimalism is making yourself a priority.  Spiritual minimalism 2022 has its own challenges, but it is worth the effort to get beyond religion and commercialism.  Remember, a spiritual minimalist does not carry around a belief system.


(2) Against accumulation: lifestyle minimalism, de-growth and the present post-ecological condition:

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