What Does Love Fearlessly Mean What a Courage Builder

Fearless in Love —The Benefits of Courageous Conversations

What does it mean to be fearless in love? Here is an exercise that will teach you first hand about the benefits of courageous conversations. It’s not easy, but the rewards are worthwhile. Are you ready for this challenge?

What Does Love Fearlessly Mean?

One way to understand what loving fearlessly is all about is to learn what it is not. To be fearless means lacking fear, it doesn’t mean you aren’t afraid.  It means the level of fear is something that will not deter you from action.

This is where courage comes in.  It is the reaction to the need in the face of uncertainty and danger.  Exhibiting courage is one of the ways to love fearlessly.  It’s what superheros do. You want to be a superhero, don’t you?

Fearless action does not mean acting foolishly or lacking awareness, it means you put yourself at risk because your values tell you it is necessary. Sometimes it means sacrificing your self-interests for others.

So, what comes first, courage, vulnerability or love?  I see love as the engine of courage, love makes us vulnerable by opening the heart. Love can be blind.  That is, love can see past the fears that normally exist, even when it means putting ourselves at great risk.  Vulnerability is the doorway between love and a courageous action.

For example, a man runs into a burning building to save a child.  This is an automatic response.  There isn’t time to waste in weighing the potential risks.  The action taken is the appropriate response in the situation.  The man risks his life without hesitation because that is the way we are wired.  Social beings value the life of others.

What if it isn’t a child, but a dog or a cat?  The response could be the same depending on the value structure of the man.  What if there is no outward evidence of life, but the man knows the people who live in the house?  He may run into building anyway because of the relational bound he has for his neighbor.  If no one is home, he  could die for no reason at all, but he will still go into the building just case someone or some creature needs saving.

Fearless in Love a Courage Builder

Fearless in Love And The Benefits of Courageous Conversations

So what does it mean to be fearless?  It means being ferocious.  To be ferocious is to be savage, untamed, aggressive, and determined.  Love that has these qualities helps us to tame our fears.  You can do this!

Of course, you can still love with ferocity without risk, but that is a different subject all together.  Love and devotion is the other side of this coin where zero fear is involved.

Extending love when we have something to lose means acting with courage.  Exhibiting courage opens your heart, it makes you vulnerable, which enables you to experience profound truths about yourself and life.  You are more powerful and courageous than you think.   It sounds a little scary, but the rewards are worth the effort. It’s a fabulous way to build confidence and courage.  Why is this exercise so hard?

We hold back from sharing our feelings makes us vulnerable because we fear rejection.  Rejection can cause scars that last a lifetime and we live in a world where fear permeates the culture.  It can undermine relationships and thwart our efforts of spiritual exploration and self-discovery.  We are fearless in love when we trust our heart and move forward.  The outcome of the meeting does not matter.

Our culture even creates new things to make us more afraid, social media like Facebook make it possible to suffer fear of virtual rejection or cyber persecution. It’s a whole new set of emotional triggers that never existed before, that is why many people avoid vulnerability at all costs.  Never fear!  We can learn to overcome this anxiety with an exercise like this one.  We can even use it to heal those old scars of rejection.

Ask yourself, what does love fearlessly mean to me?  For some people, it means something simple, like asking for help at a store.  For others, it might be skydiving.  The best part of it, the more you do it, the better at it you become.  Keep this question in mind as we move through the exercise so you can find other ways to love fearlessly.

When we learn to share our love, it strengthens us precisely because it makes us vulnerable. Vulnerability is the key; it’s a courage builder.  Vulnerability is also linked to our intention.  Our intention is muscle that gives us the courage to act, and vulnerability is the fuel of intention.  See, it’s all linked.

This exercise is strength training for the mind.  The more you do it, the stronger you become!

The more we exercise our courage, the stronger it gets, and learning to express our feelings is the way to do it.  It is essential for the growth of our heart and emotional wellbeing. When we hold back, our intention shrinks, that’s why the rewards are worth the risk.

So, what are the benefits?  Well, remember, our courage is like a muscle, so the more we use it, the stronger it gets.  Vulnerability is an aspect of courage, so they both grow together. You’ll find other ways to love fearlessly.  You’ll be so fearless people will look at you for advice on the subject.

When you bolster your courage, it boosts your self-confidence. It has many practical benefits. You will be more self-assured.   It will help you in any situation where you need to negotiate or sell yourself, like a job interview.

Courage also makes you more self-aware.  You will be able to face internal challenges and overcome bad habits.  Looking inside can be just as scary as jumping off the cliff.

Okay, here we go, the following exercise will build the power of your courage and intention.

The Benefits of Courageous Conversations

Yes, this exercise will require some personal risk, but you aren’t jumping off a cliff, just having a conversation.  It’s still scary, but not as risky as the cliff.  You can do it!

So, you’ll need to bolster your courage and intention. Do some jumping jacks and warm up.  You’ll practice reaching out fearless in love and compassion, sharing your heart. 

Ideally, pick someone you could not share your feelings with before because of your vulnerability and fear of rejection.  It could be a way to repair a broken relationship or reinforce a current one. 

1. Set Your Goals and Your Intention

What does love fearless mean? It means taking action.  Start small. It may be anything from apologizing to telling someone that you love them.  It helps to write a short script of what you want to say or do. Keep this script or action plan short. Only three or four brief sentences. This makes the script easier to memorize.

The script is a plan of action that keeps you on track. Then you execute your script. So, take some time and practice.  Look in a mirror and go over what you want to say. Practice until you can memorize what you want to say in a way that doesn’t sound like you are talking from a script.  It’s one of the best ways to love fearlessly.

Keep the benefits of courageous conversations in mind.  You’ll be a better person, no matter the outcome.

Some people find it easier to start with something that involves less risk.  Try a simple act of kindness, picking up the trash you see in a public park.  Take a walk with a trash bag and pick up trash.  These types of small things build your confidence and courage so you can work up to those involving relationships.  See, that makes it easy.

2. Take Action

You’ve decided on a goal and declaration of your intention.  Now follow through.  Take action.  Even if someone does not accept your words of love or activities, you will attain a tremendous personal victory.

Another one of benefits of courageous conversations is how it boosts your credibility.  Speaking from the heart makes you more trustworthy.  People can see authenticity.  You set an example others want to follow.

Opening your heart earnestly and fearlessly makes it possible for other beautiful things to happen in your heart and your life. You learn that the fear of rejection is more debilitating and damaging than the actual act of being rejected and then moving on.

No doubt about it, this is an authentic courage builder.  Many people find it more difficult than skydiving or speaking in front of a crowd.  So, it’s scary, but well worth the risk.  It means you are becoming a warrior of light, acting with courage to extend kindness and love.

“Remember, there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” ― Scott Adams

3. Document

It’s important to document the results in your spiritual journal or book of shadows.  It doesn’t matter the consequences.  If your words or actions are not accepted, it is still considered a personal success.  You have met a personal challenge.  Learning to trust yourself is one of the ways to love fearlessly.

Regardless of your results, this exercise is a step forward in your personal growth.  This exercise will open your heart. It’s a courage builder that will produce results in other areas of your life. You’ll need to bolster your intention to overcome obstacles and meet goals.  It shows up as confidence in your demeanor.

Even if you don’t receive immediate positive feedback, it’s still a positive Karma builder. You might not see the results immediately. You may never see the results of the seeds you plant.  But people who do this are the ones we remember, so stick with it.

Congratulate yourself on executing this plan of action.

Extending Love is a Courage Builder

Another one of the benefits of courageous conversations is that no matter what happens, you win.  You build your courage and intention.  You feel what it is like to live out of intent instead of habit. It’s also the doorway to the virtues of the spirit.  These are what will transform your heart and perception, and it will give you a new sense of purpose.

Find Other Ways to Love Fearlessly

At the beginning of every meeting, we send love, light, and healing energy to facilitate those engaging in this inner work. We ask all our virtual partners to join us in sending positive energy or prayer to support this courageous effort.  This exercise is one of those we include in our blended learning process. These processes are the domain of spiritual exploration.

This exercise is like skydiving, the first time you do it is the scariest.  But the sense of personal accomplishment makes it worth the risk.   And like skydiving, the more you do this exercise, the more you enjoy it.

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