What is Possible With The Shamanic Journey Script or Guided Meditation

Easy Guided Meditation With The Shamanic Journey Script

Shamanism is one of humankind’s first tools for exploring consciousness.  Learn how to create your inner quest meditation with the shamanic journey script.

What is Shamanic Guided Meditation?

To be guided means to be led.  It’s helpful to have a guide when learning any new skill.  Once we learn this process, we become “our own guide,” developing our own script.  The Shamanic journey opens the power of creative visualization and propels our exploration of the landscape of the mind.  This simple but effective method is the foundation of the ancient Shamanic tradition and has many modern-day variations.

Once you learn this process, you don’t need an external guide.  You create your own script and path to explore the subconscious mind and the spirit world.  The fact is, creating or forging your own script will be more meaningful and powerful.  The Shamanic Journey is likely the first universal process for exploring awareness because this method can be found in indigenous cultures worldwide.

You learn how to do it by being guided through the process with a script.  However, you no longer need an external guide or script once you learn.  After you learn the technique, you become your own guide is when the real exploration begins.

All you need to take this quest is a drumbeat or drum track to help you focus and your imagination.  This mental process is repeatable.  You can do it independently or with others.  It allows us to reach an altered state of awareness safely and with complete control of the depth and length of the session.

Exploring with the Shamanic Journey Script

It is easy to learn this process by listening to a script that takes you on an imaginary journey.  However, don’t use the script as a crutch.  Once you know how to use the process, use what you learn about making your own.  It’s better to use the formula and create your own script.  Here’s why.  When you use a standard script, it keeps the mind on a specific path.  This prevents you from using the power of the process to delve further into your subconscious mind.  We cannot overstate the importance of creating “your own” spiritual path.

The basic formula has two ingredients: creative visualization and rhythm.   Rhythmic repetition creates a focal point.  Focusing on the rhythm lowers the heart rate and calms the active mind, facilitating a shift in awareness.  Then, creative visualization is used to travel vivid landscapes.

People reach an altered state of consciousness as they travel on an inward journey.  When you learn, it’s helpful to listen to a script guiding you through landscapes of imagery like dreaming.  So this is where the name “guided meditation” originates; it’s just a shamanic journey script.  The goal of embarking on this journey varies.  For instance, it could be to find healing or receive guidance to achieve a task.

You can find this process in indigenous cultures around the world.  The method comes from a diverse body of knowledge known as Shamanism (1).

different cultures

Shamans view the inner quest as a process of discovery.  It is not the creation of worlds but exploring what already exists.  Many traditions teach that our reality has four levels.  There are three levels of non-ordinary reality; the upper, lower, and middle worlds.  Last is the default plane of normal reality.

One of the most exciting forms of this process we find in Australia.  Here, the indigenous people have what we call Aboriginal Dreamtime, which comes wrapped in a cosmology of the universe.  Some researchers claim this process is evidence of time travel or astral projection.  Travelers can experience events in other parts of the world or at points from the past or future.

This adventure teaches us about spirit beings.  We learn that there are spirit guides that can help us understand our spiritual journey.  The goal of your first journey is to meet these spiritual guides.  Whether these entities are separate living things or manifestations of the subconscious mind is debatable.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient body of wisdom about human nature and our world.  These practices are often the focus of many indigenous cultures.  And the knowledge within these systems is very diverse.

“I think that when you go on a shamanic journey, you’re allowing yourself to have much more access to your unconscious or your sense of connection within the universe, whatever you want to call that.  You’ve accessed places in your brain that you don’t normally. You’re still there — it’s your brain.  But you have access in a way that you normally don’t.  For me, doing that felt like being in a new environment.” —  Amy Hardie

The traditional Teachers of this knowledge are called Shaman.  They are the pioneers of consciousness exploration.   Some of these methods, like creative visualization, became methods of therapy.  The use of plants became pharmacology.  And the metaphors used to describe the spirit world became the basis for religions.  The knowledge within these ancient systems includes healing practices for mind, body, and spirit.

The Shamanic State of Consciousness

shamanism with the shamanic journey script

We observe how this mental process is the core spiritual practice of many indigenous cultures.  Shamanism revolves around inner work with the shamanic journey script or formula.  As mentioned above, this method opens a doorway to a heightened state of awareness.  Michael Harner (2) calls it “The Shamanic State of Consciousness” (SSC).

Mr. Harner’s research shows SSC has a unique brainwave signature in the theta-wave bandwidth of around 4 to 7Hz.  This differs from the default states of consciousness, waking, sleeping, and dreaming.  And it is also different from the brainwave patterns of transcendental consciousness.

Indigenous cultures also used psychotropic additives to facilitate deeper altered states, but there are disadvantages to using drugs (Peyote, Ayahuasca, etc.) to induce the state.  The potency of the compound controls the depth and length of your session.  When you use psychotropic compounds, you lose control of the depth and length of the session.  Some ancient traditions use a mixture of drugs and sound.  This approach is only for the experienced spiritual traveler.  We don’t recommend it.

A safer way to journey is using an audio drum track.  Some also include a talk track with guided imagery.  A drum track allows you to build a routine of your own.  Many books also contain these resources.

The goal of your first journey should be to meet your spirit guide or spirit guides.  They will assist you with all the other goals of your inward quests.

Shamanic Journey Script and Formula

The formula is simple.  Here’s what you need.

First, get a shamanic drum recording.  These vary in duration from 10 minutes to an hour.  Find several that resonate so you can practice for different lengths of time.  Sandra Ingerman’s book Shamanic Journeying, a Beginner’s Guide, has a cd with several tracks of differing tempos and durations.

Use a rhythm track recorded specifically for the Shamanic Journey.    Many use drums, rattles, or singing bowls.  Vibration opens the doorway to SSC, enabling complete control over the process in the trance’s depth and duration.   The use of sound to facilitate the journey has advantages over drug-induced altered states.

Start the process by closing your eyes and listening to the rhythm of the drumbeat.  You can do this lying down or if you drum yourself sitting comfortably.

Now engage your imagination, and visualize yourself on the path.  Some people like to visualize themselves going into the earth using the tree’s roots, while others like riding in a canoe or going down a river or stream.  Many visualize entering a cavern or cave if you travel down roots into the earth.  If you travel by water, then imagine you are in a deep canyon or jungle.

Before you embark on any journey, ask for help from your main spirit animal or animals.  If this is your first journey, ask to meet them.  Keep calling for your “trusted spirit advisor.  “Wait until they appear.  Once you’ve established a relationship, you’ll know them immediately.

What is possible with the shamanic journey script?  Almost everything from healing to finding a life partner.

On your first journey, test all of your guides.  It’s essential to make sure these spirits have your best interests.   Many people have more than one spirit guide, even flocks of birds, etc. Trust your gut instinct.  If they come in a previous pet, ask them questions about what only they know.

You can ask your spirit animal to help you with common problems in your next journey.  Ask them to invite any other necessary spirit animals.  Conclude your journey by thanking your spirit helpers.  That’s the simple but effective shamanic guided meditation script and formula.

Why Rebrand the Shamanic Journey?

You rebrand or change the name of something to make it more acceptable, which makes it more marketable.  So, rebranding is a marketing tactic that allows you to sell a product to a larger market.  You can change the name of your product to fit the market.

Shamanism has always been a threat to Western religion (3), so it needs to be assimilated into the system.  They could not use the term shamanic journey script because it points directly to Shamanism.  So changing the name to “guided meditation or creative visualization” removes this link.  No one realizes the true pagan origins of the process.  It is used in modern psychotherapy under cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or guided imagery therapy.

When you use generic terms for the process, you can market it to different buyers.  It becomes acceptable to those who also believe in Western religion, which is a way to disguise the origin.  They don’t call this “theft” or plagiarism.    Instead, Western theology prefers to call it “the appropriation of common useful knowledge.” After all, that is how they built their religions.

Rebranding the shamanic journey is deliberate.  It enables people to use the process while demonizing the source.  That’s right.  Western religion is guilty of this practice.  It demonizes those cultures that pioneered and safeguarded the methods while rebranding them for their own use.

The fact is, all Western organized religions are copies, and history proves rebranding works well.  The Abrahamic religions of Judaism, and Christianity, are a combination of Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, and Assyrian mystery religions.  Assimilating the Shamanic process is one method it added to its product list.

In Conclusion

Guided meditation is just another term for the Shamanic Journey.  If it makes you feel more comfortable to call it something else, that’s your choice.  We should credit the pagan ancestors that refined the processes and safeguarded them for future generations.


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