The Observer We Are The Cosmos Made Conscious

We Are The Cosmos Made Conscious — The Observer

Consciousness can express itself as awareness.  Some things and some people are more aware than others.  Some people say we are the cosmos made conscious as the Observer of a grand experiment.  Come and see why this theory makes more sense than most religions.

We understand that consciousness is “the tool” connecting our awareness to this reality. It’s a marvelous tool. It supports our cognizance, and it is the platform for our default states of consciousness, waking, sleeping, and dreaming. It is also the doorway to altered or higher states. It’s a tool made for exploring reality, and it prompts us to ask additional questions.

“We are the cosmos made conscious and life is the means by which the universe understands itself.” ― Brian Cox

The most obvious question is who or what is doing the exploring? Who is the Observer of our consciousness?  Is it “me” doing the exploring?  Or is it much more?  Could it be our consciousness and life experience are part of a more extraordinary, more complex experiment?

Are we nothing more than a cosmic experiment?  Is the total of our existence in the cosmos merely trying out different scenarios?  Are our lives a singular or shared experience?  Are we separate from the universal consciousness or only a partition of “a greater awareness”?

The Observer

The spiritual pioneers in ancient cultures devised methods to explore consciousness. Some people have a natural ability to access both altered or higher states. They don’t need procedures or psychotic drugs. The people with this innate ability we call Seers, Shamans, Mystics, Prophets, or Witches.

Everyone has the innate ability to explore altered or higher states. We call this type of investigation spiritual exploration. Most people cannot access these other rooms — with instruction, a key to open the door.  Using the proper method, we can find the gifts in our DNA.  It doesn’t require the belief in imaginary beings, just the ability to follow a process.

When we are born, we only need the primary three states of consciousness to orient our identity within reality.  The Observer limits our perception to give us time to acclimate and prepare.  Most of us need to use these processes to open the doors of awareness.

As adolescents, most could not handle the extra bandwidth from these other states.  After all, as children, we are orienting ourselves to our human container. However, we cannot know the depth of experience unless we use these other doors of consciousness. Unfortunately, some never go beyond the default set of three rooms. Many people are oblivious to the fundamental nature of our awareness.

What if We Are The Cosmos “Made Conscious”

You can find techniques for exploring consciousness in many ancient cultures. They fine-tuned the methods over eons. These methods optimized how and when to introduce these techniques. For that reason, these consciousness-expanding processes are highly effective learning strategies. It’s is a very efficient and practical way of ensuring the best learning outcomes.

They developed the blended learning models we use today. These methods assess readiness, prepare the learner, and then assess learning. These methods use frequent quality checks to ensure the individual’s understanding and use of the techniques. We used the same strategy as we develop and refine our blended learning process.

Every day we are awake, we should say, “thank you” for this beautiful gift of consciousness! Expand your awareness.   Allow the Observer to explore other realms of your consciousness.

Anyone can create their path using the wisdom of these methods. It’s where you’ll finally understand why we are the cosmos made conscious.”  You’ll understand how our life is the universe understanding itself.   And perhaps understand what a remarkable spiritual experiment we have available.

Why This Philosophy Makes More Sense than Religion

Religion attempts to explain the complex elements of life using stories that contain metaphors, analogies, and word pictures.  The goal of religion is to create a membership around the belief that these stories are truthful.  To be a member, one must make a lot of assumptions about reality that have no basis in proof.   The evidence for their beliefs comes from self-validating circular logic originating from supposedly divinely inspired writers.

When you look at all the major religions from this perspective, you see the flaws and inconsistencies.  If you attempt to trace the origins of the sacred texts from which the stories come, you find bits and pieces of earlier superstitions and mythologies.  You can find every concept, doctrine, and belief in earlier pagan belief systems.

So, religion does not answer any essential questions about existence or reality.  It makes more sense to think of life as an experiment.  We are a part of this experiment. We are the cosmos made conscious. It’s as simple as that.  There isn’t a need to believe in an imaginary friend or enemy.

Spiritual Technologies

To bring the Observer of your experience into the reality of your awareness, all you need are the right methods to access the gifts you already possess.   If you have the desire to follow this quest you are not alone.  It is a pattern recorded in the histories of many cultures.  Joseph Campbell calls this the Hero’s Journey. (1)

The following four groupings provide a number of these tools.  You can learn many of them by following the instructions in these articles.

In Conclusion

Are we a part of a grand experiment, the cosmos “made conscious?” Even if you don’t, let’s make the most of this opportunity they call life.  You may walk your own path but you don’t have to walk it alone.  We are here to assist.  Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.


(1) Joseph Campbell & Joseph Campbell’s book The Hero’s Journey, Wikipedia

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