Why Do I Believe What I Believe Reasons to Believe

Reasons to Believe — Why Do I Believe What I Believe?

If you are a follower of a religion, that is fine.  If you are not a follower, that’s fine too.  If you don’t know what to believe, you are not alone.  The questions you should be asking are why do I believe what I believe?  Why do I believe this or that?

Exercise The Mind to Unlock Optimal Learning Secrets

Exercise The Mind to Unlock Optimal Learning Secrets

We know exercising the body is good for our health and wellness.  But we forget that exercising the mind is just as important.  If we exercise the mind, we open the door to the secrets of the memory and the mind.  We need these enhanced learning skills more than ever in our modern world.

subconscious mind exercises the repeating question or the repetitive question

How to Use A Repetitive Question for Subconscious Mind Exercises

The repetitive or repeating question technique is one of the most powerful subconscious mind exercises for self-discovery.   Every serious explorer needs this for their spiritual toolbox.  See how you can use it to enhance several spiritual exploration tools.

Warriors of Light Warrior of Light Warriors for Truth

Calling All Warriors of Light — The Warriors For Truth

The path of the warrior is not always unicorns and rainbows.  There are battles, both internal and external.  Words of encouragement are sometimes few.  Warriors for truth persist in the face of daunting odds.  If this resonates, this message is for you.

Learn to Be Both Soft and Strong

Learn to Be Both Soft and Strong

Learn to be both gentle and powerful because It promotes the harmonization of external and internal energies.  It is the key to balancing these opposing elements.  See how this can benefit your life.