the nine elements of a healthy spiritual practice 2022

What Are The Nine Elements of a Healthy Spiritual Practice 2022?

The ingredients of a spiritual path are the same foundation of a well-rounded health and wellness program.  The nine elements of a healthy spiritual practice 2022 are needed to create a better life during these trying times.

Balancing Your Path 2022

The pandemic emphasizes the need to develop practical lifestyle solutions that incorporate the correct elements “in the proper proportion.”  Climate change and political upheaval add to the complexity of finding a healthy balance in our lives.  But, we can do it if we learn to add the proper ingredients into our plan.

For some people, even the necessities of life are hard to maintain.  We’ll discuss some of these obstacles, social inequities, and disparities that impact our lives.  They make it challenging to create a healthy holistic approach to life.

We hear people talk about their rights.  Some countries, like the U.S., promote the idea that everyone has the right to pursue happiness.  However, this right is tempered with your socioeconomic status.  You can seek the happiness you can afford.  Those at the high end of the scale can pursue many avenues of happiness.  At the low end of the scale are those struggling to survive.  Balancing your path 2022 can be a real challenge.

Nine Elements of a Healthy Spiritual Practice 2022

It’s not a surprise that our spiritual lifestyle and wellness are connected.  Everyone will have a unique mix of the primary elements.  We may share the same ingredients of a spiritual path, but which ones we use and how much will depend on our unique set of gifts and abilities.

The six foundation elements are Appropriate Sunshine, Fresh Air and Water, Sleep, Proper Exercise, and Diet.  Seated meditation is the seventh, and moving meditation is the eighth element.  The ninth is the analytical exercise and development of the mind.

1) Clean Air
2) Clean Water
3) Adequate Sunshine
4) Proper Diet
5) Sleep
6) Exercise Tailored to you focusing on durability
7) Seated Meditation
8) Moving Meditation
9) Analytical and intellectual training of the mind

Above all, we must tailor these elements to meet our unique needs.  One size does not fit all.  How much of each and the level depends on a variety of factors.  It involves your age, experience, lifestyle, time available, resources, environment, and general health.

It’s best to include all nine to some degree.  Leaving out one or more will have a detrimental impact on your health.  We know this because humans are designed to operate in the environment of planet Earth.  Balancing your life is balancing your physical and spiritual health and wellness.

Think of these nine elements of a healthy spiritual practice 2022, like baking a cake.  If you follow the recipe, you’ll end up with a delicious cake.

piece of cake ingredients of a spiritual path balancing your path 2022

The Obstacles Are the Path

If balancing our path was easy, everyone would do it.  There are obstacles to using these elements.  So, we need to identify those things in the way and minimize their impact on our lives.

The body and consciousness are complex and delicate instruments.  The body is a machine designed for the study of reality.  As your practice evolves, you will need to refine and adjust depending on your results.  Keep your plan flexible.  Don’t be afraid to change it accordingly to yield the best experiential results.

Overcoming Inequities with Water, Air, and Sunshine

Many people struggle with the foundational elements of clean water, air, and sunshine.  These deficiencies are often the product of society.  Unchecked capitalism and commercialism can take precedent over human life.  When this occurs, the result is often long-term damage to the environment.

People often live near work.  It is a necessity of life that can put them directly in harm’s way of environmental toxins.  So, it’s essential to assess your situation and institute the appropriate remedies that you can.  Bottled water is a way of life for many people, and we are not talking about third-world countries.  There are communities in the U.S. where the water is unsafe.

Air pollution is also still a growing concern.  In recent years, some of the gains in correcting air pollution have been reversed when energy companies and restate investors’ profits are more important than the environment.

Many people suffer from “seasonal affective disorder.”  When you don’t get enough exposure to sunlight, it causes problems with your internal clock.  The results are depression and fatigue.  We’ve found that sunlamps don’t work as an effective treatment.  They can actually worsen symptoms.

Studies at the Mayo clinic (1) show the most effective treatment is a combination thing, psychotherapy, medication, and in some cases, a special lightbox.  Psychotherapy helps identify triggers and develop healthy coping skills, while medications alleviate some physical effects.  And, a special lightbox can be somewhat helpful as a substitute.  The best is to view natural sunlight.  You don’t have to be outside, but you need “to see it.”

Some parts of the world experience “polar nights” (2), where darkness lasts 24 hours.  The closer to the north or south poles, the less sunlight you will have during the winter.  We can only do what we can afford to do within our sphere of influence.

Obstacles to Proper Diet and Sleep

Many people find proper diet and exercise are the two most difficult elements to incorporate into their schedules.  The correct diet is different for everyone.  We all have different needs.  However, it comes down to a simple formula, the ratio of total caloric intake to calories burned will determine if you gain, lose or maintain weight.

Learning to work within your calorie budget is the key, but it’s not easy.  Diet is more than half the equation when it comes to weight loss.  We’d say it’s more like 80% of the formula.  If you can eat within your budget, you can lose and maintain a healthy weight.

As far as exercise is concerned, we recommend an exercise routine right for you that combines all the elements of strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular training.  The focus should be on becoming more durable.  We see durability as the ultimate health goal.

Our exercise routine is separate from our practice of moving meditation.  But, you choose the best way to organize your training.  We include martial arts and physically oriented Yoga Asana as a form of moving meditation.   Adding as many physical exercise forms will improve your ability with many spiritual technologies.  This practice increases mind-body integration.

You are looking at one of the biggest obstacles to good sleep.  It’s a computer or mobile device screen.  The blue light from computer screens tells your brain it’s daytime.  So, even though it may be nighttime, the body doesn’t release the hormone melatonin, which is nature’s off-switch for the mind

Stop using TVs, computers, and mobile devices at least 30 to 45 minutes before bedtime.  Read an old-fashioned book instead.  You’ll get to sleep faster and have a more restful night’s sleep.

Obstacles to Critical Thinking

Beliefs and expectations are the most common obstacles to our spiritual and intellectual development.  Don’t allow your opinions to be a barrier to your development.  The focus should be on learning to think and analyze rather than memorizing data.

Obstacles to Meditaiton

In many places, there are few social barriers to the practice of meditation.  Some exceptions again relate to religious objections and beliefs.

We don’t recommend using psychotropic compounds to achieve non-ordinary states of reality.  It’s a path for an experienced spiritual explorer.  Psychotropic compounds are unpredictable in strength and purity.   Use them only under the supervision of a qualified guide.

Ingredients of a Healthy Spiritual Practice

Always look for tools, processes, and methods, not belief systems or becoming a follower.  Find a teacher or source that can show you how to open your spiritual gifts.  It can be confusing because there are several people and organizations that use the right language but then use the classic bait-and-switch tactics.  Here are some things to watch out for:

They have free stuff, but the quality things that will help you are secret.  You can only get access if you buy a membership, an expensive membership.  It’s the favorite of organizations that have become known as cults like Scientology, LifeSpring, and EST.

Other organizations offer legitimate awareness training, consciousness exploration, and self-development tools at reasonable or no cost.  We group these kinds of tools in four categories, and those that don’t require personal instruction you can find for free here in articles on our website.  There are some technologies best learned by individual instruction.  Martial arts and some advanced meditation techniques like the Siddhis can be learned via virtual learning if necessary.  As the pandemic stretches into the future virtual learning is becoming a standard practice.

Here are the four major tool groups with links to get you started.

We recommend a plan that uses all nine elements of a healthy spiritual practice 2022.  It’s easy to overlook them because we take some for granted.  However, if we focus on them as ingredients, we can adjust them to fit our use.  The right amount of each will give you the best results.  This approach is what Joseph Campbell called the Hero’s Journey.  (3)

Balancing your path is something that will speed up your development.  Since we are continually changing, you will need to make adjustments in your practice to compensate.

In Conclusion

The nine elements of a healthy spiritual practice 2022 are vital for our physical and spiritual health.  Find your mix for balancing your path.

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