Supernatural and Paranormal Activity Paranormal Beliefs

The Truth About Supernatural And Paranormal Activity

Do you believe in Angels, Aliens, Demons, or Ghosts?  What about the existence of the bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster?  Learn how our cultural narrative affects our beliefs on supernatural and paranormal activity.

cognitive bias cheat sheet

Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet — Your Value Filter

Cognitive bias is confirmation bias is a filter of our worldview.  It tells us what is acceptable and what is not.  If it contains harmful and prejudicial programming, it diminishes the use of common sense and logic.  This cheat sheet will help you spot the signs of negative bias.

The Mask of Belief Hides The Observer

The Mask of Belief Conceals The Truth

We don’t perceive reality.  We see what we expect to find based on our worldview.  The masks of our worldview distort the experience of the Observer.

a humanistic perspective a humanist manifesto

What You Need To Know About A Humanistic Perspective

What is a humanistic perspective?  Some terms like humanist and humanism have a negative connotation in our culture.  Is it good or bad?  Let’s look a little closer at this philosophy.  Maybe it’s not as bad as they have led us to believe.

Consciousness is Like a Rainbow of Beautiful Colors

Consciousness is Like a Rainbow of Beautiful Colors

Consciousness is like a rainbow, a kaleidoscope of colors that blend from one to the next.  Yet, many people live their entire lives in just three primary colors.  There’s much more to experience in life.  See how to do it.