10 Common Logical Fallacies Spotting Logical Fallacies Logical Fallacy Slippery Slope

10 Common Logical Fallacies That Kill Your Mind

Spotting these 10 common logical fallacies is the only way to guard against being manipulated.  We have compiled a set of the most common misconceptions that destroy your reasoning abilities.  Once you can spot these tactics, you won’t fall into their trap.

Is Sixth Sense Real or So Is the Sixth Sense Just a Mind Game

Is Sixth Sense Real or Is the Sixth Sense a Mind Game?

Is sixth sense real? Don’t confuse this mode of perception with the movie about seeing dead people.  We are talking about perceiving danger without using the five senses.   Find how you can enhance this skill which might save your life.

how to seek out new ideas seeking new ideas is how to grow spiritually

How to Seek Out New Ideas and Grow Spiritually

We need people who know how to seek out new ideas to solve global problems. It’s the only way we will make the world a better place.  So, are you on the side of progressive thinking, or do you see it as an enemy of your religious beliefs?  Don’t be afraid to grow.