awareness technologies raising your consciousness

What Can Awareness Technologies Do For You?

Many sages tell us expanding our minds is the key to a happy life. That’s because raising your consciousness involves increasing your awareness.  Which awareness technologies are best?

The Truth-Seekers Axioms Spiritual Axioms How to Know the Truth

Spiritual Axioms — You Can Know the Truth

We want to know the truth.  Most people think they are too smart to fall for propaganda. However, we are all susceptible to cultural programming.  So, here are some truth-seeker “axioms” that will help you distinguish fact from fiction.  They don’t require any advanced mathematics or philosophy.

The Mind is Like a Wild Horse meditation troubleshooting strategy

The Mind is Like a Wild Horse

Learning to meditate correctly is essential.  But, our mind is like a wild horse.  Learn to tame it and befriend it instead of trying to break it.  Here is a troubleshooting guide for your spiritual toolbox.