What is The Path of Life Mastering The Siddhis The Eight Siddhis TM siddhis Sutras

The Path of Life — Mastering The Siddhis

The Siddhis of Patanjali are some of the most powerful spiritual technologies ever devised.  See how you can prepare to learn and make the most of these advanced formulas. 

The Practice of Sahaj Samadhi Meditation the fourth state of consciousness

The Beauty of Sahaj Samadhi The 4th State of Consciousness

The world needs more people who bathe their minds in the partition of awareness we know as the 4th state of consciousness, the bliss of Sahaj Samādhi.  You help yourself by entering a profound state of restful alertness, and you help the world.  Are you interested?

The Right Answer is Not Enough the Fearless Spiritual Quest

What if The Right Answer is Not Enough? —

Asking the wrong questions won’t get you the correct answers.  Sometimes the answer you are looking for is an excuse.  What do you do when the right answer is not enough to convenience you?  It’s a critical question when on the spiritual journey.

Awareness Tools and Techniques and The Continuum of Awareness

You’ll Love These Awareness Tools and Techniques

Awareness expansion tools and techniques are one of the four pillars that provide the foundation of spiritual exploration.  They are methods to create your path.  Find out to use them to your full potential.