The Key to Inner Healing and Freedom

The Secret to Finding the Right Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards

When you need healing, what’s more important, the source of healing or the result?  The question is, how do you find the right spiritual healers and earth stewards?

The pandemic brings clarity to the issue.  It also shows us the importance of both physical and spiritual healing.  Proper treatment is the key to inner healing and freedom.

Healing is an ongoing process of the body.  When it functions well, we are healthy.  Everyone needs healing, and that’s why we seek healers and health care providers.   Our attitude affects the ability of the body to heal. The question is, what matters the most?  Is it the source or the result?

It is a fact, people with a positive attitude recover from illness or injury faster than people who have a negative attitude.  When we expect a good outcome, it positively affects our immune system and the body’s ability to heal.  But, some illnesses and injuries need qualified medical care.  Attitude is not the overriding factor in healing. The actual remedy is more important.

Authentic spiritual healers and earth stewards recognize the importance of an integrated approach to healing and life.  People who care for themselves also care for others and the Earth.  They take care of people and the planet because they depend on each other.

The Source of Healing

To some people, the source is more important than the result. It may not make sense, but some people will place religious mythology above medical remedies.  That is the power of myth.  It can program people to mistake mythology for a fact.  When superstition and conspiracy theory outweigh evidence and science, this has a detrimental effect on our ability to use reason and common sense.

What’s more important to you, the source or the healing result? Does the process or the or religious pedigree matter more than the healing itself?  Similarly, does the healing effectiveness depend upon the method or the healer?  Is one “brand” or type of healing system superior to another? If so, why?

Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards

There are claims of miraculous recoveries in every culture. All we know for sure is the body can heal.  And it seems some people can facilitate the healing process. So, it doesn’t seem to matter what background the process originates.

The religious pedigree of healing is the most important thing for many people.  They believe their paradigm has special authority.  So, it becomes a matter of religious prejudice.  Some people shun the use of modern medical remedies. They make pilgrimages and travel to exotic places in search of a source of healing.   Still, others hold that prayer is the only acceptable source, but you must do it correctly.

 All that seems to matter to the person in need is that they get healed. But other people don’t think any of this matters; people who are ill need healing.  Hence, how you feel about this depends on your beliefs. What do you think?

There are stories of spiritual healers and earth stewards in all cultures who heal the mind, body, and soul.  They look after the environment and nature.  These are people who can expedite the healing process in some way.  They come from all backgrounds.  Some use techniques or methods, while others are people with a natural ability to help others heal.

Think about it this way. Everyone would use it if any particular religion could heal people better than any other religion or modern medical treatment.  But this isn’t the case.  People get healed no matter what they believe.  What matters most is the use of the correct medical treatment and a positive attitude.

The Key to Inner Healing and Freedom

spiritual healers and earth stewards and the source of healing

Our blended learning curriculum includes traditional healing modalities, and we support teachers of Chinese medicine.  The systems we teach include Reiki, Shiatsu, and Pejut. The first two, Reiki and Shiatsu, are well-known healing processes from Japan.  The last one, Pejut, is an Indonesian process. It’s a far older process that uses elements used by those who created Reiki and Shiatsu.  There are common elements to these systems.  They all use a technique to collect and direct energy to facilitate healing.

Here’s another clue to finding the right spiritual healers and earth stewards; they recognize the effectiveness of other systems.

Similarly, meditation is a proven healing technique.  It reduces stress by lowering heart rate and respiration.  Some believe stress is the hidden killer in modern society.  Thus, meditation isn’t just an option but a necessity.

These techniques are just a few of the spiritual technologies we think every spiritual explorer needs.  Besides, you never know when you need healing or need to help heal someone else. We’ve seen people who aren’t initially interested in becoming spiritual healers.  They are surprised to learn they have a natural ability in this area.

There are also needs for emotional and spiritual healing. For that reason, many people have sought out the wisdom of an experienced Shaman.  The Shamanic Journey is another spiritual technology we teach and highly recommend. You don’t have to be a Shaman.   It is something everyone can learn.  Sometimes you can identify and remedy the issues yourself.  Other times you may need the assistance of an experienced healer.

Above all, do not allow your zeal for spiritual processes to override sound medical science.  Listen to health professionals and scientists.  It is especially true in situations that involve life-threatening events. The pandemic is a good example. If you are sick or injured, your “key to inner healing and freedom” should always be licensed medical professionals.

True healing is an inward process that provides the freedom for healing.  But, we must realize that some illnesses are too powerful for the body to overcome even with the help of both modern and ancient holistic medicine.

The Recommendations of Spiritual Healers

1) Use modern medical treatments first

We recommend using modern qualified medical care if you need medical attention.  The methods mentioned above can, in most cases, you can use eastern healing modalities in conjunction with modern medical care.

2) Do your research

Check on the credentials of those who are providing the medical service.   It isn’t always easy to get a clear answer.  The person or organization providing the service isn’t obligated to tell you about past patients’ complaints.

Government and private licensing agencies can provide some information about hospitals and healers. They can give information on public complaints. Google is another good source for general information, ratings, and sometimes pending legal actions.

Ask for references.  Follow up on them and see if they are reputable and legitimate.  Some of the worst practitioners are those who sell their services the best.  They use sales techniques and false claims to gain your trust.  Make sure you are making an informed decision.

3) Communicate your treatment plan

If you combine traditional and modern medical remedies, let both parties know what you are doing. Speak with your medical professional about your use of other healing modalities.  It is especially true for those under psychiatric care.  Make sure there isn’t a conflict between the healing approaches.

4) Create a Healthy Lifestyle

Use as many healthy processes as possible to reinforce your health’s durability.  We call these processes spiritual technologies.  These technologies include the Shamanic Journey, which will help you create a path for your inner healing.

Spiritual Technologies

These processes are a collection of proven methods for exploring consciousness.  We call them spiritual technologies.  They help us expand awareness and unlock the gifts to reach higher states of consciousness.

These tools differ significantly from religion. They do not require faith or belief in any religious doctrine.  Anyone can use these processes to develop their full potential.  All you need to do is follow the process, and it’s just like following the recipe for baking a cake.  If you combine the right ingredients in the right way and you get something delicious.

We select the best of these ancient methods for our blended learning method.  These processes are time-tested by generations of use, and they stand up to the rigorous tests of science. They are repeatable processes, and several produce measurable effects on our physiology.  These changes include increased brainwave coherence, lower heart rate, and increased skin resistance.  Changes like this prove these partitions of consciousness differ significantly from waking, dreaming, and sleeping.

We divide these tools into four major categories:

Everyone can use these methods to create their unique spiritual path, and you can start with any of these methods.  The more of them you use, the faster your progress.

In Conclusion

Many people don’t realize they are the source of healing.  Some people are spiritual healers who have yet to awaken their gifts.  The key to inner healing and freedom are linked.  Proper use of modern medicine can make all the difference in recovery.  But no matter what you use, it is the body that does the actual healing.

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(1) Joseph Campbell & Joseph Campbell’s book The Hero’s Journey, Wikipedia

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