Culture is a Mass Hallucination

Guess What? Your Culture is a Mass Hallucination ―

An oppressive culture is like a dark tunnel.  When you look into a tunnel, all you see is darkness.  You only see the light when you turn around and face outward.  Want to find out why your culture is a mass hallucination?

Spiritual Meaning of Ebb and Flow Ebb and Flow Spiriutal Meaning Changing Spiritual Tide Ebb and Flow Spiritual meaning

Spiritual Meaning of Ebb and Flow — Changing Spiritual Tide

Life is all about lessons.  We realize life is constantly changing, but we often aren’t ready for the impact of the change.   Many things are out of our control, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn how to ride the changing tide of things and people that come and go.

Offline for Spiritual Maintenance Definition

When To Go Offline for Spiritual Maintenance

Maintaining our spiritual health is vital.  It affects the health of the mind and body.  Do you conduct routine spiritual maintenance?  Do you know the signs you need a spiritual tuneup?   Never fear.  We have a checklist of things for you.