Your eyes only see what the mind is prepared to comprehend

Your eyes only see what the mind is prepared to comprehend

Our perception is like a lens in a camera.  If we set the lens for close-ups, we cannot see the background.  Learn how to reset the camera of perception.

“The eyes see only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” — Henri Bergson

Expecting the Unexpected?

The default mode of perception for most people is ordinary reality. Most people are born with this default state of awareness. It gives us time to acclimate to our bodies.  But it’s also limiting.  Non-ordinary states of consciousness are available to everyone who prepares their minds.

We know when we are ready.  The call to explore our inner self’s unknown reaches is what Joseph Campbell calls The Hero’s Journey.  This undertaking does require proper preparation.   And this is where mythology is can be helpful or harmful. Your eyes only grasp what we expect to see.  But what the mind is prepared to comprehend goes beyond the boundaries of belief and expectations.

The Eyes are Useless if the Mind is Blind

What is it that blinds our minds?  It is the cultural programming that comes from the dominant cultural narrative.  Western organized religion is the most influential in programming us with negative bias and prejudice. Bigotry and prejudice blind our minds to the limitless possibilities beyond these religions’ boundaries.

Western organized religion is also known as the Abrahamic religions (1). These are the Semitic religions of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.  These three religions boast a worldwide membership of over 4 billion members.  That means they have enormous power over the cultural narrative.  Their social reach is used to insight everything from genocide and wars to religious persecution and gender discrimination.

What The mind is prepared to comprehend

Mythology can be helpful. It is useful when it points to the options and other realities. Some myths use analogies that help us understand altered states of awareness and consciousness.  Mythology can be harmful when it becomes religion.  That’s because religion often substitutes myths for facts.  It’s a tactic that attempts to make faith perform as knowledge, but many people fall into this mind trap.

your mind on religion

Religion is another name for a spiritual trap. Instead of pointing the way, it hypnotizes with promises of afterlife rewards.  Your eyes only see the programming of the mass hallucination of religion.

We are capable of much more than the default mode.  The mind is prepared to comprehend other realities.   The dream state teaches us we all have the capability.

Born with Access to Non-ordinary Realities

Thankfully, a few in every generation are born with a unique skill set.  They are born prepared to comprehend other realities. Ancient cultures considered this a blessing. Indigenous cultures still recognize these gifted people and understand how to nurture them. These individuals find guidance and mentoring in their cultural settings.  They become shamans, Healers, and Seers.

This natural ability to shift between realities is a curse in the modern world.  The Western paradigm fears those with natural spiritual gifts, for they don’t fit into the mythology of the Abrahamic religions.  They do not want you to access this knowledge. If you have innate spiritual gifts and conform to the mythology, you become a mystic for the paradigm.  But, if you do not join and support their paradigm, you become a target of persecution. What the mind is prepared to comprehend makes organized religion terrified.

A lot depends on your visibility, skills, and value to society. If you don’t fit in, you are subject to various punishments.  You could be ostracized, imprisoned, or even suffer torture up to and including death. The persecution continues to this very day.  The enlightened world of the 21st Century is still in the superstition’s grip of the 1st Century.  Gifted individuals find it hard to fit in, and they rarely have a knowledgeable mentor to help them develop proper coping skills.

Blessed are those who come into the world prepared to comprehend other realities. But you need not be born with the ability to learn how. If you are ready, several “spiritual technologies” can open this doorway.  You, too, can become prepared to comprehend worlds beyond ordinary reality.

Spiritual technologies

The catalog of ancient methods for exploring consciousness is spiritual technologies.   They are a collection of processes to develop mind, body, and spirit.   These methods open up the potentials the mind is prepared to comprehend.

We divide these tools into four major categories:

Everyone can use these methods to create their unique spiritual path, and you can start with any of these methods.  The more of them you use, the faster your progress.

Your Eyes Only See Expectations

Set the stage to expand your awareness.  Remember, your eyes are useless if your mind is blind.  So, learn as many of the ancient spiritual technologies as possible. Don’t get trapped in religion.  We hope you become a freethinker.   The world needs more people who break the generational curse of religious discrimination and bias.

The path to becoming a freethinker will open your eyes and your heart.  Your eyes only see what the mind is prepared to comprehend.

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