your durability should be the whole health goal

Your Durability Should Be Your Ultimate Health Goal

Learn why durability should be the focus of your health and wellness efforts.

Why Your Durability is so Important

Strength, stability, flexibility, agility, and endurance become more critical the longer we live.  These are the elements of durability.   The older we get, the greater the likelihood of something negative impacting our health.  Our whole health goal should be to enjoy life.  Learning how you can enhance your overall wellness is the best way to get the most out of life.

Several factors affect our mental and physical health.   Because we are all different, there isn’t one way to deal with them.  We have unique backgrounds, DNA, body types, and other genetic dispositions.

The environment where we live and work complicates things further.  What we do in our free time also impacts our health.  Similarly, what we eat and drink affects our health.

Then we each have a variety of unique family and social influences.  And last, there is the possibility of accidents and illness.  These factors impact our health to some extent.  We take our health for granted, but it is a fragile thing.

Do you see why your durability should be your goal?  It makes you less likely to suffer illness or injury.  And, if you become sick or hurt, you’ll recover more quickly.

Durability Should Be Your Ultimate Health Goal

the most important focus of your health is your d

When you hear the word training, you probably think of physical exercise, and proper exercise is an essential element of our overall health.  However, many health experts tell us what we eat and drink is even more critical.  Similarly, our mental health has a close relationship with our health and wellness. These elements should be a part of our training for your durability.

Since we are all different, there isn’t one plan that fits everyone.  However, several elements apply to everyone.  Your current level of health will determine what you need.  Here are the factors you should include in your plan:

Proper Diet

Unfortunately, diet is the first and most crucial element.  The food you eat is doing one of two things: either improving or harming your health. The more processed and the greater the food’s shelf life, the less nutritious the food is.  In fact, “fast food” isn’t food.  It’s a food-like substance.  It may taste good, but it is harmful to your whole health goal.

Remember, you are what you eat.  Your body cannot make healthy nutrients from junk food.  When you eat, keep in mind how it will affect your health.  Durability should be on your mind when you select the things you eat.

Proper Exercise

All our bodies are different. How we use it and exercise either makes us healthier or decreases our health.  Exercising the physical body has a tremendous impact on your mental health.  But, if we don’t train our bodies properly, we lose vital physical and mental capabilities.  An exercise program should include the following elements:

    • resistance training for slow and fast-twitch muscle groups
    • cardiovascular exercise,
    • flexibility, balance, and stretching exercises

The way you combine these elements depends on your health needs.  Remember to follow the advice of trained health professionals. They should take precedence over the opinions of political and religious sources.  Use your smartphone to set benchmarks for your diet and exercise.  Your whole health goal needs to be realistic and attainable.

Your Durability Is Impoartant

Many of the Sages and Avatars traveled to remote places, the wilderness, or climbed mountains.  And, while doing this strenuous activity, have time to meditate.  Some spend days and months in isolated locations.  Hiking in the wilderness is physically and mentally demanding.

So, for these Sages to travel and stay in the wilderness, they had to be in good shape.   They had to forage for food, find shelter from the weather.  Plus, they had enough energy left to engage in extraordinary spiritual adventures.  This physical fitness level is a lesson and example we can use today.  Your experience in life depends a great deal on your durability.  Everyone can engage in some level of spiritual exploration.

The Enneagram Personality Profile is an excellent example.  It uses a questionnaire to determine your default personality and instinctual settings.  It will help you understand the default settings of the Ego.  It requires only honesty and general health to get accurate answers.

Not all spiritual technologies have “off-the-shelf” usability.  You’ll need to prepare your body, mind, and spirit for more advanced levels of meditation, like the Siddhis of Patanjali.  Tai Chi and other moving meditation forms also require a certain level of fitness.

Spiritual Technologies

The catalog of ancient methods for exploring consciousness is what we call spiritual technologies.   They are a collection of processes to develop the potential of the mind, body, and spirit.   They offer us ways to expand awareness and reach higher states of consciousness.

These tools differ significantly from religion. They do not require faith or belief in any religious doctrine.  Anyone can use these processes to develop their full potential.  All you need to do is follow the process, and it’s just like following the recipe for baking a cake.  If you combine the right ingredients in the right way and you get something delicious.

We select the best of these ancient methods for our blended learning method.  These processes are time-tested by generations of use, and they stand up to the rigorous tests of science. They are repeatable processes, and several produce measurable effects on our physiology.  These changes include increased brainwave coherence, lower heart rate, and increased skin resistance.  Changes like this prove these partitions of consciousness differ significantly from waking, dreaming, and sleeping.

We divide these tools into four major categories:

Everyone can use these methods to create their unique spiritual path, and you can start with any of these methods.  The more of them you use, the faster your progress.

In Conclusion

Your durability should be your whole health goal.  Each element of this component affects the others.  The longer we live, the more critical it becomes.  Don’t just survive, but thrive by enhancing your overall health and wellness.

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(1) Joseph Campbell & Joseph Campbell’s book The Hero’s Journey, Wikipedia

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