Strengthen The Spiritual Energy Between Two People

Strengthen The Spiritual Energy Between Two People —

We are living energy vibration.  And this vibration has a name; we call it soul or spirit.  Enhancing the spiritual energy between two people is a part of our mental and physical health.  When we isolate, we cut off this energy, learn how to build it.  You can do it.

Most strategies for developing relationships focus on the outward effects, such as communication skills and cultivating similar interests.  These tools can help to some extent.  However, the real key to healthy relationships is strengthening the spiritual link and your spiritual health.  It is something many ancient sages teach.

Relationship Building with Soul Energy

To understand spiritual energy, we must first look at what the energy of the spirit means.  A general definition of energy is the momentum derived from fuel used to power an engine.  Here, we are concerned with the power of the connection that links people.

The energy we are talking about has nothing to do with elements of personality, our self-preservation, social or sexual instinct.  It is the connection with our soul or “The Observer” of our awareness, the energy of our spiritual essence.

The Observer is the person you talk to inside your head.  It is that aspect of awareness which experiences your dreams.  This experience is not a pure reflection of who we are because all experience happens within the mind, and Ego connects our bodies to consciousness.  Still, behind this tainted window of observation sits our Observer, our soul or spirit.

The Observer is our most basic intrinsic energy.  It is a unique vibrational signature that gives us a singular expression of awareness.  If you know how to build this energy connection, you will create strong relationships.

The Spiritual Energy Between Two People

If we want to strengthen the connection, both people need to be on the same vibrational frequency.  Thankfully, there are tools available to do just that.  A mantra is one tool that transcends the Ego level of the mind.  So, using almost any mantra will align people together to some extent.

We can start relationships on external interests or intrinsic bonds. If we create a connection based on interests, these things can change. Hobbies and jobs can make opportunities to meet people, but these are not always permanent.  It’s important to remember that the spiritual energy between two people ebbs and flows.

An intrinsic bond goes beyond emotional or intellectual interests.  A truly intrinsic connection is a spiritual bond; it’s an energy connection.  An easy way to create or enhance this kind of energy is with a mantra.

If we use the energy of our spiritual essence to anchor the relationship, it does not matter if there are differences in opinion.  It doesn’t matter what religious or philosophical beliefs each of you may have.  The right mantra takes us beyond these superficial issues and strengthens the bond on the level of consciousness.

The Dual Aspects of Mind and Spirit

“By mastering both aspects of our being, we remember not only how to think, but what to think.  What I’m clear about now is that the mind is a tool, a mechanism, and the soul provides the fuel for that machine.  The less fuel you use, the more inefficiently the engine will operate.  On the other hand, if your soul fills your mind with spiritual energy, you will be Mind-Full – and the workings of this engine can produce miracles.” — Neale Donald Walsch

The problem arises when we mistake the machine of the mind for who we are.  Modern culture places an emphasis on the body and mind while ignoring our spirit, our soul. Once we can put things in proper perspective, then we learn to do what Mr. Walsch suggests.

One way to master the mind is through meditation.  Meditating with other people magnifies the experience, which is one way we know on an experiential level how connected we are.  It’s the reason many cultures use a circle as a focal point.  It is easy to see how this evolved from people gathering around a fire for warmth, only to discover there is something more between people than meets the eye.

When people sit and meditate together, this too is a way of aligning on an intrinsic level.  Then, if they are using the same mantra, this increases the alignment.  When groups of people meditate, they can create a positive ripple effect in the immediate society.  It’s known as the Maharishi Effect, so named after Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the first to bring awareness of this effect to the West.

“Contemplate yourself, surrounded by the conditions you wish to produce and know you can attract divine energy to help you.  Dormant forces come alive when you put your attention on what you intend to manifest and when you stay connected to your source of well-being, your source of kindness, and your source that excludes no one.” — Wayne Dyer

Modern culture capitalizes on our instincts to sell us things.  When most people think of energy between two people, they equate it with sexual attraction.  But this is not the kind of energy that we are referring to here.

Our instinctual attraction is often fleeting and inconsistent.  It can bring people together initially, but there must be more to the relationship than just attraction to become a lasting bond.  Perhaps it’s why divorce rates are high.  Relationships built on superficial appeal do not last.

The spiritual energy between two people is a much greater force than physical attraction.  It is possible to cultivate the connection of physical attraction to some degree.  However, those with a soul or spirit link always share a strong energy connection.

The moment we meet them, we realize that there is a kinship that already exists.  Some people call this a soulmate connection.  However, this too has been morphed to mean a romantic attachment, but this interpretation is incorrect.  Someone who is a soulmate is often a friend, associate, or colleague.

“A soul connection is a resonance between two people who respond to the essential beauty of each other’s individual natures, behind their facades, and who connect on this deeper level.” – John Welwood

Strengthening The Spiritual Energy Between Two People

If you want to enhance the spiritual connection with another person, there are several things you can do.  The glue that holds any group together starts with strengthening the bonds between each person.

1) Be present.  Don’t take friendships or relationships for granted.  When you are with them, really “show up,” and give them your attention.  Fact is being with friends is an excellent time to practice being fully present and living in the moment.  You can tell when someone cares enough to listen and pay attention.

2) Mediate at the same time.  Using the same meditation together enhances our connection with others.  When you become grounded through meditation, you naturally improve the relationship with those engaging in the practice.  We recommend Japa or Transcendental Meditation because it is the best meditation process to reach the 4th state of pure consciousness. Some mantras have a dramatic effect on the spiritual energy between two people.

3) Simultaneously engage in other spiritual training or practices.  Shared knowledge creates common bonds.  The Enneagram, the Repeating Question Exercise, and Comparative Analysis are all excellent tools for this goal.  So too are many forms of the healing arts.

4) Volunteer together.  Find a humanitarian or environmental cause you both share. You always receive double the return in positive energy when helping others.  When you help, you are expressing kindness and compassion.  When you do this together, you are building the spiritual energy bond.

5) Share your deepest secrets. Sharing the vulnerable parts of our life and emotions can build bonds.  Make sure the sharing is equal and honest for both parties.  If one person feels the other is not sharing everything to the extent they are, it can create conflict instead of increasing the bond.

6) Manage healthy expectations and limits.  One person, no matter how significant, can and should not meet all of your needs for friendship.  Don’t extract all of your needs from one person.

There is no limit on the number of close friends you can have, but you should set limits on your expectations from any one person.  The key here is to diversify your friends, interests and hobbies so that you have new information to share.

7) Handle Disagreements with respect.  At some point, even the best of friends will have a difference of opinion about something important.  Working through these differences can strengthen the bond of trust.  Here are some tips to help manage these rough spots:

    • Stop the discussion and take a break if tempers flare.
    • Don’t make blaming statements.  When discussing issues that affect you, use I versus You statements.  Instead of saying, you make me angry when, say I get angry when.  This slight difference makes all the difference.  Instead of blaming the other person for your feelings, you are telling them how you feel about something.
    • Don’t bring up the past or other issues.  Stick one thing at a time.
    • If you make or have made a mistake, admit it as soon as possible, and apologize.

In Conclusion

We are social beings, and our relationships bring health and happiness into our lives.  But relationships are dynamic and changing elements just like the weather.  Learn to enjoy the sunshine and the rain.

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