You are a Story Book I am a Story-Book

Your Life is a Story Book

“My life is a “story” book.  I am writing it a page at a time, a minute, the hour, and a day at a time.  Sometimes I don’t know what to write.  But I am the author, with or without choice. Does this story sound familiar?” — Guru Tua

Learn How To Grow Good Karma Growing Good Karma

Learn How To Grow Good Karma

Karma is a law of the universe, and you can learn to cultivate positive Karmic returns if you follow some time-tested steps.  You can do this!

Seek the Facts Seek Evidenc Challenging Your Core Beliefs

Seek The Facts — Seek Evidence Challenging Your Core Beliefs

Don’t hide behind the blindfold. Challenging your core beliefs is healthy; that’s how you find the truth.  So, the question is, are you seeking the truth? Or are you just trying to convince yourself that what you believe must be true?  There is a big difference between the two.

What Are Hermetics What Are Hermetic Connectors Hermetic Teachers Kybalion Principles and Meaning

What Are Hermetic Connectors — Great Hermetic Teachers

What are Hermetics?  Some believe this esoteric work contains the knowledge of the Kybalion principles and meaning. Is it possible that all the great Sages were teachers of this knowledge? Is it available? If so, where can we find it?

The Truth Seekers Guide a Catalog of Mantras and Sutras The Tools of Consciousness

The Truth Seekers Guide A Catalog of Mantras and Sutras

Mantras of the Indian Sanskrit language are energy-based sound formulas. Here is what we call “the truth seekers guide.”  It’s a catalog of mantras containing those which are the most potent and easiest to use.    Learn how this ancient spiritual technology can benefit your life.