The Best Kept Secrets of Time Travel and Time Control

The 14 Best Kept Secrets of Time Travel and Time Control

Here are some time control tips and tricks to get the most of this precious commodity.

We have limited time.  To get the most out of life, we must learn to maximize the opportunity of our time.

Best Kept Secrets of Time Travel

Before we list these techniques, let’s define our terms.

A secret is something that is not openly known.  The term best kept is an idiom for something not common knowledge or not well-known.  We don’t want to keep these strategies a secret.  Please do your part, practice them, make them famous.

What exactly is time? Time is the term to describe and measure the progression of existence through the “frame of reference” we know as ordinary reality.  Time is one of the seven fundamental physical quantities.  You will find the element of time in the International System of Units (SI) and the International System of Quantities.  If you wanted to know, these seven elements are length, mass, thermodynamic temperature, amount of discrete particles of a substance, electrical current, luminosity, and time.

Our bodies are always moving forward through time, we don’t experience reality with our bodies; we perceive everything within the mind.   Our mind is “consciousness,” moves beyond the boundaries of reality.

What is Time Travel?

To travel in time to move outside of the normal progression of time.  This kind of trip implies moving outside what we think of as normal reality. We do this quite often but don’t realize it.  When we dream, we escape “ordinary reality.”

The landscape of dreamland is one of the best kept secrets of the Shaman and Seer.

Our dreams take place in non-ordinary reality, most people experience their dreams in a linear fashion, but this is not always the case.  We can also perceive them in a non-linear way, out of sequence and even reverse.  Time is fluid in dreamland; it can speed up, slow down, or stop.  Our dream state of consciousness proves the mind can move outside the dimension of time.

It’s important to realize time does not confine our minds.  Our minds are the home of consciousness, which is infinite and limitless.  If we learn how to use the mind, we can make better use of this precious commodity, so here are the best strategies.

Time Control Tips and Tricks

They say time moves slowly, before you know it, it’s all gone.  The following are tips and tricks to help you get the most out of time.

1) Be Present To Cherish Time with Loved Ones

There is much more to love than the popularized form of eros love.  Savoring time together with those you care about is how to create memories that last forever.  To savor is to enjoy something thoroughly, so savor every moment you spend with those you love, which includes your friends.

One of the best ways to get the most out of time is to be present and aware.  Give those you care about your full attention.  Practice active listening and observation skills to build positive memories.

2) Find Your Soul in Solitude

Learn to savor your solitude.  If you learn to meditate, you’ll open the door to your spiritual gifts, many people do not understand what marvelous spiritual gifts we have locked away in our DNA.  The only way to find out is to go on a spiritual scavenger hunt.

Solitude is not loneliness.  You can be lonely in a crowd of people.  Healthy solitude is spending time alone to contemplate, which allows you to get in touch with your inner thoughts, emotions, and intuition.  Solitude is good.  All the great sages, from Buddha to Jesus, found enlightenment while in solitude.  If it’s good for them, and it’s good for you too.

3) Read to Time Travel

Reading is an invention that opens the imagination and the heart, it enables us to venture into imaginary worlds and live vicariously through the characters in a story.  We engage our hearts as much as our minds.  Engaging our heart center enables us to traverse the dimension of time and space.  Reading is one of the most used time control tactics. It’s also the way we update the software of our minds.

Read things for entertainment, but also read things to challenge your mind.   Your mind is like a muscle; you must exercise it to strengthen it.

4) Listen to Music to Decorate the Hours

Every piece of Music has a unique flow and rhythm.  Music is also one of the best time machines, connecting us with our deepest emotions and memories, it transports us back to special places and times.  Music is the most beautiful decoration to accompany us on our journey.

Music is also a tool to traverse consciousness.  The drumbeat can induce a trance state and open our awareness.  When you add the drum and some creative visualization, you get the Shamanic Journey.  You can find this method all over the globe.  It is probably humankind’s first and most successful process for exploring consciousness.

5) Time Travel While Dreaming

Don’t overlook the opportunity to explore the landscape of non-ordinary reality, because dreams are a window into the subconscious mind.  Learn how to remember and interpret your dreams to make the best use of your time.  Since you are asleep, you might multi-task and see what your imagination can manifest.  To take full advantage of this partition of awareness, learn how to lucid dream, which will give you more control of this frame of consciousness.

6) Honor Your Ancestors to Memorize Time

Don’t forget those who make your journey possible.  Create a ritual to commemorate and honor the contribution of your lineage.  Our modern world disconnects us.  Honoring your ancestors is a way to help re-establish a connection with your roots.

7) Write to Feel the Depth Time

The automatic handwriting technique will allow your subconscious to communicate with you through the simple process writing on paper.  It will bring your deepest thoughts to the surface to help spot incremental growth and roadblocks on your path.  Create several kinds of journals, one for your dreams, journals for seminars, and all your experiences in spiritual exploration. Create a book of shadows with rituals and sigils to honor your ancestors.  Writing is one of the best self-care techniques to air your thoughts and emotions.

Writing is the key to getting in touch with your emotional center. It’s one of the best kept secrets of writers. They say it’s time travel for the soul.

8) Meditate to Find Inner Peace

The proper meditation will take you to the 4th state of consciousness.  You will transcend this universe and arrive at the source of being, which some call bliss consciousness.  The only thing that exists is awareness.  Awareness has no bounds.

Meditation transcends the boundaries of physical reality.  Anyone can learn how to meditate.  Start with a simple two-step mediation technique.

9) Take a Walk in Nature and Return to Your Original State

At first, it seems weird that being in nature could have such a profound effect, but it’s true.  Ask anyone who loves to hike.  Ask any hunter, they will tell you the primary reason they go into the wilderness is because of the peace they find there.

You forget the troubles of the outside world for just an hour,  you will discover you have regained peace of mind. Don’t forget that we are part of nature.  The ancients worshiped what they called the old gods, what we know as nature. Please don’t laugh, and we can prove nature exists.

10) Sun Gaze To Commemorate the Passing of Time

Watch a sunrise, or sunset these are the magical times when the Earth celebrates the changing of energy from light to dark and back again.  Learn to sun gaze the safe way,  you’ll enjoy this time of solitude and peace.

11) Set Daily Goals to Stretch Time

You can accomplish more than you think. You’ll need to learn how to set the right goals. The key to enormous accomplishments is setting small SMART incremental goals.  Break your big goals into small ones.  This strategy is the principle known as eating the elephant.  How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  Setting incremental goals is one of the best kept secrets of high achievers.

12) Create Art and Live Outside of Time

Allow your creative side to express itself.  When you engage your creative mind, you get in touch with your intuitive sense.  Create art for yourself.  You don’t have to be good at it to enjoy the excitement of the creative impulse.  Sing, play your guitar, paint, create pottery.  Do whatever interests you as long as it does not harm yourself or others.

13) Use Self-Care To Enjoy the Simple Pleasures of Time

Our culture focuses on achievement and others, and we forget we need to take care of ourselves.  Learn to meditate. There is a simple two-step method anyone can learn.  Then try mindfulness meditation.  The benefits of meditation come immediately.  You can lower your stress level and increase your ability to make better decisions.  It costs you nothing, and it’s a technology you can take anywhere.

14) Practice Kindness to Help Others Appreciate Time

When you help others in need, you create a positive chain reaction.  The positive energy bounces back to you almost immediately.  The more you practice kindness, the better you will get.  In a world driven by selfishness and greed, we need more light warriors to set examples of a better way. It’s the way you grow good karma.

Best Kept Secrets

To get the most out of these time travel and time control tips and tricks, you must remember to use them.  Use them and share these strategies; they should not be kept secret.   If you don’t think they work or aren’t valuable, it just means you haven’t used them yet.

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