doorway to spiritual freedom living life without religious beliefs

Find The Doorway To Spiritual Freedom —

Religious freedom requires freedom from religion. The doorway to spiritual freedom is finding and using the proper tools, a life without religion.   Come and see why this is true.

logic and rational thinking skills training logic and rational knowledge

Free Logic and Rational Thinking Skills Training

The framework of spiritual exploration would seem to be an odd place for studying logic and rational thinking. Still, these kinds of critical thinking skills are essential for our spiritual journey.

5 Great Reasons for Sharing Your Life Story 5 Reasons to Share Your Life Story

Five Great Reasons For Sharing Your Life Story

It’s important to share the story of life with others. It’s equally important to share it in a way that is a catalyst for healing and encouragement.  Learn how to do it and how it can help your growth.

cognitive bias cheat sheet

Here’s Your Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet —

Cognitive bias is confirmation bias is a filter of our worldview.  It tells us what is acceptable and what is not.  If it contains harmful and prejudicial programming, it diminishes the use of common sense and logic.  This cheat sheet will help you spot the signs of negative bias.

When Your Path is Blocked Removing Spiritual Roadblocks

What To Do When Your Path is Blocked ―

It’s good to know what to do when your path is blocked.  If you feel something is blocking your spiritual growth and progress, it could be several things.  Knowing the right thing to do is essential in your spiritual growth.