Why You Need A Book of Shadows

Why You Need A Book of Shadows

Learn why this document is an essential tool for inner work and spiritual exploration.

The term book of shadows (1) has a negative meaning in our modern culture.  This term came into the contemporary vernacular in the 1950s and is associated with Witchcraft and Wicca.  However, the term has a much richer and more profound meaning that transcends both popular and Western stereotypes. It has roots in Pagan and indigenous cultures around the globe.

Western organized religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism discredit and demonize any threat to their control.  They demonize all indigenous systems that challenge their authority.  They are incredibly aggressive against practices they associate with Witchcraft and Wicca.  The Inquisition started in 1542 and remains in force in limited ways to this day.  In some countries, people are still executed for asserting independence from these Abrahamic religions.

Those in control of the narrative want to keep you a paying customer.  If you start opening your awareness of the limitless possibilities outside of their control, they lose you as a customer.

Who are these people in control of the programming of our cultural narrative?  Why it’s Western organized religion, the mythologies of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam (2).  These aren’t new religions. They are the rebranding of the ancient religions of the Medditrian region circa 1 BCE.  These are the ancient mystery religions from Assyrian, Babylonian, Egyptian, and Persian.

What is a Book of Shadows Journal?

This is a series of documents that are indispensable for spiritual exploration.  You can use it to document everything from dreams and exercises like automatic writing to rituals and spells.  This tool can help you spot both the roadblocks on your path and your incremental growth.  You will create several of these journals.

Some call this a spiritual journal or morning pages because you document your dreams and create journal entries in the morning.  In Witchcraft, its primary use is to record rituals and spells.  Because of this, some call it a book of ways.

The term shadows refer to the esoteric nature of the information.  Confidentiality is also an important aspect no matter what your book contains.   The term “Shadow” has a more esoteric deeper meaning because we all have a shadow side.

So, there are several reasons for calling it a spiritual journal and a book of shadows journal. But no matter what you call it, this is an indispensable tool.

Your handwriting is a connection to your subconscious mind.  So, any handwritten journal contains clues to your subconscious mind.  Many people start by documenting their dreams or fragments of dreams.  Journaling will help you interpret these messages.  These journals are also useful for motivational quotes and plans.  Many use this for automatic writing and other creative writing.  You’ll find many clues to the roadblocks on your path since your handwriting reflects many levels of awareness and emotion.

Why You Need a Book of Shadows

If you use it regularly, you will probably create several.  It’s a great way of documenting the significant events of your life.  It reflects the shadows of your thoughts and emotions.  It can be a valuable tool in the process of spiritual exploration and the development of your awareness.  It is the best life coach.  And it is an honest and accurate reflection of your inner world.

We recommend that everyone involved in the spiritual quest create and use this spiritual journal.  Think of it this way, your thoughts and emotions reflect your spiritual journey, inner or shadow self.  Similarly, your Ego is your shadow self. It is the shadow of your ego that you cast as you live and walk the earth.  That means you are a living book of shadowsIt reflects your inner work.

Enlightenment is a Process

The dimensions of time and space are not barriers to our consciousness.  We do not exist between our ears. The real you, the person you talk to inside your head, have no limits.  Our consciousness has a foundation of pure awareness, enabling us to access higher states of consciousness.  All we need are the keys to open our awareness, and these tools exist.  We call these tools spiritual technologies.

Everyone has a unique way of awakening their spiritual gifts sleeping in their DNA.  Awakening is a process.  When we open them, it sets our spiritual walk into motion.  It opens our minds to new potentials.

“Your life creates a shadow, it’s the mark you make in the lives of people.  In essence, you are a living book of shadows.”— Guru Tua

The research of consciousness and learning to access these spiritual gifts was the central goal of many ancient cultures.  The investigation of consciousness is something many ancient cultures thought was necessary, and we enjoy the benefits of generations of research.  These early pioneers give us several tools for exploring consciousness.

We call the processes of these early explorers spiritual technologies.  These processes stand up to the test of science.  They are repeatable methods that produce measurable physiological changes. These tools enable us to reach higher states of awareness that differ from waking, sleeping, and dreaming.

We use a blended learning model incorporating those processes which are safe and reliable.  We are not the first to use this eclectic approach.  For example, Gurdjieff’s method was to adopt techniques proven effective.  The research of these early pioneers stands the test of time.

Spiritual Technologies

Spiritual technologies are methods for exploring human consciousness.  These methods come from all around the globe, and they comprise a diverse body of practical mental tools.  You can use these tools to develop your potential, open spiritual gifts, expand awareness, and reach higher states of consciousness.

We select the best of these ancient methods for our blended learning method.  These processes are time-tested by generations of use, and they stand up to the rigorous tests of science.

The techniques we use are repeatable processes, and several produce measurable effects on our physiology.  These changes include increased brainwave coherence, lower heart rate, and increased skin resistance. These changes prove these techniques produce states of consciousness that differ significantly from waking, dreaming, and sleeping.

Anyone can use these processes to develop their full potential.  They do not require faith or belief in any religious doctrine. All you need to do is follow the process, and it’s just like following the recipe for baking a cake.  If you combine the right ingredients in the right way and you get something delicious.

We divide these tools into four major categories:

Everyone can develop their path, and you can start with any of these methods.  The more of them you use, the faster your progress.

In Conclusion

What is a book of shadows?  It is a document or several documents we use to record various thoughts. You can use it as a tool no matter your path.

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