Historical Revisionism and National Folklore

Our National Folklore is the Product of Historical Revisionism

Historical revisionism is a tactic to rewrite events. It’s a deliberate distortion of circumstances that creates our national folklore. Learn how to see through this strategy.

Everyone thinks they are too smart to fall prey to a con artist. And this is primarily the reason con-artists are effective.  Everyone has some exposure to programming that presents a false narrative.  Some people are just more susceptible to “thought distortions.”

This programming starts early in life.  It is prevalent in many school systems, especially those with religious affiliations.  The textbooks in our schools give a skewed version of history. This history becomes our “national folklore or cultural folklore.” Today we see it taking place much more rapidly.  It is used as political propaganda to spin events that happened yesterday.

Lessons About Your National Folklore

Revisionism is a deliberate distortion of facts. It’s a tactic to color how events occurred.  Learning to spot it is crucial to accurate decision-making.  It is a building block for the mythologies of nationalism and patriotism.

We assume that it must be the truth if we hear something several times.  Or, if a trusted authority figure tells us something, it must be true.  Some believe this is the case with most of what we think is history. The distortion becomes the accepted truth. It’s important to recognize it and not be fooled by misleading data.  Today, “bots” from fake accounts pump false information into social media, which exploit the herd mentality.

History is always written by those who dominate the cultural narrative.  It could be the government or religion, or both working together.  So, what we think are historical facts is a form of propaganda.  The message from the popular culture is one version of events with an intentional bias that omits or distorts the facts.

As mentioned before, it usually takes years before we see the evidence of this tactic. But in today’s political climate within the pandemic, we see it happening much faster.  Now, events are being reframed immediately by news media to rewrite history.  Politicians are using this real-time playbook. When errors and racial prejudice are exposed, they repeat their fan base’s lies.

Some subcultures exist based solely on unverifiable conspiracies.  Here people fabricate or distort events that appeal to the macabre (QAnon, Oath Keepers).  Some people believe the Earth is flat and that the holocaust of world war II didn’t occur.  Some groups deny the genocide of Indians of North America. There’s a niche to fit any conspiracy theory.  How do people get enticed by these views?

The Elements of Historical Revisionism

Let’s dive right into the subject.  There are three essential elements of this strategy that weave their way through the national folklore—first, the event’s association with a high emotional impact, the second, the passage of time, and third, your mental health, including any neurological or personality disorder.

The distortion of our memory can make past events positive or negative. Our memory changes over time, and this makes things even more complicated.  A memory can begin as a positive one but become a negative one.  Then, the change from very positive to negative is often the result of modifying one or more of the three elements above.  Our history books are cultural programming tools. They are used to creating the narrative of historical distortion.

Social and peer pressure can also affect memory. So, the more social forces and time involved, the more they can shape past events to fit any narrative.   The distortion of memory is a well-established fact concerning the reliability of witnesses. Eyewitnesses are often traumatized, which makes their recollection of events unreliable. Even so, eyewitness testimony still carries considerable weight.

We live in a culture that bombards us with emotional and sensational information. It’s important to remember that we are all susceptible to the distortion of historical events and memory.   You can’t escape it, but you can learn to be aware of it and reduce its impact.  Learning to question the cultural narrative is the key. Don’t blindly accept what could be historical revisionism.  Releasing from this burden will free your mind.

Understanding how this works is essential to everyone. It’s imperative to anyone engaging in inner work or spiritual exploration.   This programming can cause distortions in our ability to perceive reality.  These distortions result in biased and inaccurate judgments and prejudices.   These roadblocks are formidable obstacles to overcome if you cannot identify and deal with them.  They remain hidden within our dreams and memories unless we take action to understand and reshape them.

National Folklore The Myths of Nationalism & Patriotism

National Folklore Cloaking Mythology, Nationalism & Patriotism

If you unite people under the guise of fear, you can manipulate them much more quickly.  When they use fear or anger, this triggers their fight, flight, or freeze instinct.  If you can do this, you overcome their ability to use reason and common sense.  It creates what sociologists call a “mob mentality.” You follow along with the mob’s actions, even if it violates your moral compass.

Nationalism is a cloak for fascism.  Fascism is a form of government that gives dictatorial power to one person or group.  It promotes censorship and suppresses any opposition, using rules and laws to control those with other values and make it illegal to oppose dictators.  Fascism likes nationalism because it can make anyone, or any group, the scapegoat for society’s ills.   All it needs is a problem as a catalyst.

They can create problems if there aren’t any.  The greater the number of issues, the better.  The more scapegoats, the better.  And, the more groups you can blame for the problems you’ve created, the better.  The more divided the population, the easier it becomes to control each group. It doesn’t matter if the scapegoats have a connection to the issues.  Revising or distorting history gives substance to the anger directed at scapegoats.  Nationalism depends on historical revisionism to craft its message of hate.

The heroes claim to have the answers to solve the problems, generally blaming the scapegoats for all the issues.  Tell lies long enough and touch the emotional buttons, and you have the tension needed to divide and control.  National pride is the enemy of the people.  Pride in national identity is like insurance against anarchy.  It is the way national folklore is protected. It is best to wrap the heroes and the villains in a religious motif.  Then you can spur people into action by triggering their zealous need to serve both God and country.

Nationalism and patriotism are cloaks used to hide real motives.  A patriot is some who devotes themselves to the cause of nationalism.  So, here is your core of followers.  They are religiously motivated nationalists and dictators who use their power to gain or hold power.

Nationalism and patriotism need problems and adversaries to polarize people and create tension.  The thing nationalism fears are harmony and peace.  Because the more significant the unity between different groups, the more united a population becomes.  The more united a population becomes, the more socially minded and just it becomes.

The more just and united the population, the less the government can control it.  The less likely they are to use this tactic.  So the culture will become less tolerant of injustice and discrimination.  The population can then demand equity.  Equity is the enemy of the greedy.  How does all of this affect you now?

    • A government does not declare it is fascist. Nor does it say it is a police state.  But there are signs it has become both.  When it declares war against anti-fascism, this is a signal that it has become a fascist regime.
    • If a society has more prison beds than hospital beds and more riot police gear than personal protective equipment, these are warning signs of a police state. When a culture adopts laws are to protect the police over the rights of its citizens, the legal system has become a police state’s proponent.
    • When a culture actively protects racists and racist symbolism by claiming it is honoring its historical roots, this is a sign of preferential treatment based on race and ethnicity.

All of the above symptoms are part of the national folklore of patriotism and nationalism.

How Society Uses Historical Revisionism

Modern societies use the bate and switch tactic, so people fail to recognize or question the accuracy of the propaganda.  Open any textbook on history.  You will find it paints the events to drive the message they desire, regardless of whether it is factual. It is rare to find a textbook that provides multiple points of view.  They consistently paint the picture of us versus them.

We encourage you to do your research.  The problem today is that things are happening quickly. Instead of waiting to distort history through textbooks, it happens through social media.  Some new broadcasts are propaganda disguised as news thanks to a landmark case, Citizens United vs. FCC (1).  Under this ruling, news broadcasts did not have to use facts in their broadcasting.  They could spin any opinion under the guise of news.  Outrageous and sensational views boost ratings and profit.

When a story becomes viral, it tends to increase its believability.  It doesn’t matter if the story is true.  Cambridge Analytica (2) was an organization that used this tactic to sway elections in several countries, including the US Presidential election in 2016. The facts are often distorted or fabricated. They use the same tactics, but since most people only want to hear what they want to hear, it doesn’t matter.

Determine the credibility of the source.  People make mistakes.  However, if they do, do they apologize and correct the error, or do they keep on telling lies?  If a source is not credible, don’t listen or accept their lies.

Here are two examples that show the effectiveness of this tactic.  One is from reasonably recent history, and the other is from ancient history.

North American Genocide

Another example is how North America portrays the colonization of the continent. Political leaders represent the continent as a largely uninhabited landscape.  However, this was not the case.  The indigenous cultures were living prosperous lives in harmony with the environment.

So, indigenous peoples were roadblocks to their ability to colonize.  Demonizing people enables you to see them and treat them as less than human.  In this way, you can persecute people without guilt.  Then use historical revisionism to rewrite the social narrative.

Assyrian Mythology Becomes Western Theology

To demonize someone or something is a term predating modern history.  It shows how a concept can become inserted into a culture’s values. In the Hindu religion, the Devas (the bright lights in the Heavens) were the personifications of Deity. In Assyrian theology, the Hindu deity became the evil Gods or devils of their enemy.

The Deity of the Hindu Deva became the Devil of the Assyrians.  It enabled the Assyrians to conduct warfare using inhumane methods because the Hindus were not human. The term “demonize” comes from this distortion. The slandered Deity of the Hindu later became codified in Assyrian/Persian mythology.   It became the basis of the belief system and terminology devils and demons in later Western theological constructs.

Historical Revisionism as a Tool of Control

We see how the two examples above are a means to an end. But why would a culture need to use these tactics in the first place? It’s required to hide the true motives of those in control.  It is merely the continuation of the strategy of control. Let’s look at what precedes the need for revisionism.

You’d think that a government would want to promote a culture of peace, harmony, and equality. Sadly, this isn’t the case.  Social tension enables dictators to use scapegoats to maintain control.   The greater the social pressure, the easier it is to manipulate people via techniques like group hypnosis.   Divide and control is a proven tactic.  You need to set it up correctly to create an “us versus them” mentality.  You can use almost anything to make the social tension required.

You need three things to create enough social tension to make this tactic work.  First, you need a large fan base to use group hypnosis manipulation tactics to program your ideas.  Second, you need a problem which you can blame on the scapegoats.  Third, you need to promote yourself and your group as the hero’s who can make life better.

You can adjust the social pressure required to keep people’s attention off the real issues.  The real goal is increasing cash flow and return on investment for those who are the real “owners.” The real problem is anarchy, which overthrows the government and ruins the cash flow.

Personal Warning Signs

A common warning sign is difficulty meditating or concentrating, experiencing the general lack of joy in life.  If you observe social media and TV news, do you feel like you aren’t getting the whole story? Do you feel like there’s something in the way, but you can’t put your finger on it?  These are indications that you may be affected by the three elements above.  These are patterns that let us know something is wrong.   Listen to these warning signs.

The first indication is when you have feelings of fear or hate about memory and don’t know why.  When you don’t understand why you hate, it’s a sign you suffer from brainwashing programming. If you make a minority group a scapegoat, it’s a sign of negative social programming.  Hate triggers your “fight, flight, or freeze” response.  If you fear or hate something, it’s essential to ask yourself why.

The second pattern is when you discover emotions and feelings around a memory have changed. It is a strong indicator, especially if the feelings have gone from positive to negative.  You might miss one unless you use a journal or book of shadows to record your practice, dreams, significant memories, and associated feelings.  In my experience working with people, this distortion isn’t uncommon.

How it Programs Memories and Emotions

If you think either of these patterns may apply, remember, you can overcome the issues. You can reprogram your memories and emotions.   I recommend you seek help either from a trusted friend or counselor.

Essentially, what you need to do is backtrack.  Please find out how, when, and why your memory or the emotions attached to it changed.  It will give you the leverage to “choose” what you want to do with emotional attachment.  It is “best practice” to use a spiritual journal to record your practice.  Record your feelings about dreams and memories that “pop up.” A dream journal will help you sort things out.

In the long term, you need a strategy that minimizes your exposure to social programming and propaganda.  You need something which enables you to “see” when someone is trying to manipulate you. That’s where some essential spiritual technologies can help.

Spiritual Technologies

These processes are a collection of proven methods for exploring consciousness.  We call them spiritual technologies.  They help us expand awareness and unlock the gifts to reach higher states of consciousness.

These tools differ significantly from religion. They do not require faith or belief in any religious doctrine.  Anyone can use these processes to develop their full potential.  All you need to do is follow the process, and it’s just like following the recipe for baking a cake.  If you combine the right ingredients in the right way and you get something delicious.

We select the best of these ancient methods for our blended learning method.  These processes are time-tested by generations of use, and they stand up to the rigorous tests of science. They are repeatable processes, and several produce measurable effects on our physiology.  These changes include increased brainwave coherence, lower heart rate, and increased skin resistance.  Changes like this prove these partitions of consciousness differ significantly from waking, dreaming, and sleeping.

We divide these tools into four major categories:

Everyone can use these methods to create their unique spiritual path, and you can start with any of these methods.  The more of them you use, the faster your progress.


Finally, it’s important to remember that we are all susceptible to historical revisionism.  It creates our national folklore, which glorifies atrocities and minimizes all people’s rights. For that reason, we highly recommend that you use spiritual technologies to expand awareness. It’s the best way to make you less susceptible. An excellent place to start is applying inductive and deductive reasoning to sharpen the ability to discern fact from fiction.

The best way to enhance your critical thinking is with Logical Reasoning. Spotting Logical Fallacy and The Truth-Seekers Axioms are two companion toolsets. Regardless of what people want to believe about the past or future, remain skeptical.  A healthy skeptical mindset has a solid foundation of logic.  We also recommend going against the flow, promoting peace and harmony wherever you go.

Remember, part of your awakening is to help others.  Share your insights with others.   Learn how to determine the facts from the fiction.

In Conclusion

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