Energy Made Conscious

We Are Pure Love — Energy Made Conscious

One of the first spiritual breakthroughs occurs is the experience of the transcendent. The realization that we are energy somehow made conscious.

We Are Energy Made Conscious

It is widely accepted that we are energy.  But, how does energy become a living thing?  How does energy become conscious?  There are many different life forms on Earth.  Each one crafted for a particular environment.  Some creatures have a close symbiotic relationship. One cannot exist without the other. How could they have evolved at all?

Love is the purest energy in all of creation. If you allow it to enter your heart, it will change the way you see everything and everyone. — Guru Tua

The amount of scientific evidence provides us with some good conclusions.  Evolution is one conclusion that presents more and more evidence.  But, the intelligence behind the process is elusive.  This intelligent force is something Rupert Sheldrake calls Morphic Resonance. Mr. Sheldrake postulates that this Morphic Resonance is the unifying field.

This process is what Einstein sought to articulate. It is this mysterious force that eluded his ability to quantify and articulate scientifically. This is the supreme force that philosophy and religion have given various names, including God.

Still, even though we have a name for this process, we don’t know how it works.  The universe itself seems to be crafted with love.  It is hard to put into words.  We are energy made conscious by some unmeasurable force.

Even our simple states of consciousness are actually mysterious.  Each of our three default states of consciousness, waking, dream, and sleeping has its own point of reference.  We all share these points as a common experience.  The transcendent state is the 4th state.  We can experience it directly, but it is hard to put into words.

Describing Sleeping and Dreaming

Imagine trying to explain sleeping and dreaming to someone who has never fallen asleep and never dreamed?  There would be common points of reference.  You would need to resort to metaphors or analogies in an attempt to explain what these states are like. This is why explaining the transcendent state of pure consciousness is difficult.

It’s a difficult realization to put into words.   Because the profound stillness is also alive with consciousness.  You feel your consciousness with your inner Being.  It’s a connection to the greater consciousness, a spiritual matter, with a unique point of experiential reference.

At this “point” you realize the observer of your life isn’t contained within the receptacle of your head.  What ‘you’ are is much greater than you’ve been led to believe. You realize that you are a part of the abundant resource.  Everything has consciousness but some things have awareness.

Are We An Experiment?

We experience life as separate identities.  We think we’re separate because that’s how society teaches us to define ourselves.  But deep down, there’s a realization that we are much more.

When we talk about being spiritual energy, we are venturing into the mystical realm of our experience.   We describe this Eureka realization as Oneness. And, it leaves you begging the questions, why this life form, why at this point in time? Why is our default state of consciousness tied to a singular point in time?  This a limited point of observation.

We are energy made conscious exploring life from a narrow bandwidth of perception.  What is the purpose of this experiment?  Why are we doing this?

Solidified Consciousness

Your Divine Energy is worth more than anything material.   Your energy is the currency of the Universe.  The vibration and frequency of your energy create either positive or negative results.  The greatest gift you can give everyone is to raise your vibration.

There are simple things you can do to raise your vibration.  It’s important to “be positive” in your thoughts and intentions.  Meditate regularly and bask in the transcendent to align and rejuvenate.  Give of yourself to others in need. Perhaps the question, if we are spiritual energy, what kind of energy are we?  Is this solidified consciousness the reflection of what we call the soul?

You might be sad that others haven’t experienced this expanded point of view.  Or, it might fill you with joy “knowing” that this transcendence awaits everyone to experience.

This opens the doors to other spiritual gifts and goals.  Maybe you’ve found your calling as a guide or teacher.  Or, this could open the door to the healing arts.  If this experience leaves you demanding answers to the previous questions, then your calling is that of a See or Sage. But, if you have not yet had this experience, your first steps are to seek instruction in the process of Japa or Transcendental Meditation.

In Conclusion

Are we spiritual energy made conscious in order to conduct some kind of experiment?  This journey of solidified consciousness is mysterious.  What do you think?

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