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Here’s Your Wild Lucid Dreaming Tutorial —

To lucid dream is to be in control of your dream state.  It’s a powerful technique to expand awareness, and you can learn how to lucid dream tonight.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

To be lucid while dreaming involves two aspects of our awareness: being aware that you dream and exerting some control over what happens in the dream.  The more experienced you become in this process, the more control you will have.

Many people believe it is a state separate from the normal dreaming state.  We have three default states of consciousness, waking, dreaming, and sleeping.  Some think this is worthy of being a separate state of consciousness (the seventh state) because it combines properties from other forms of consciousness.  Does that sound wild?  We have a wild lucid dreaming tutorial that you can use to do it tonight.  Let me explain.

Besides the default states of waking, dreaming, sleeping, the 4th state of consciousness underlies everything.  Many teachers refer to this partition as pure, transcendental, or bliss consciousness.  It is a state of mediation where the mind is both calm but alert, absent from the internal chatter of the Ego.  The high state of awareness is one aspect we need for lucid dreaming.

We also have access to a 5th state, which Michael Harner calls the Shamanic State of Consciousness (SSC).  We achieve this state through the Shamanic Journey.  This partition of awareness has some unique properties, including directing attention in an imaginary landscape.  This landscape is the home of our subconscious imagination.  We need to access the subconscious when we dream.

Next, we have the sixth state of consciousness, which combines the 4th state of the transcendent with the waking state.  This partition of consciousness is known as cosmic consciousness and witnessing.  Many Eastern teachers call it witnessing because we experience reality from two vantage points.  We are aware of being in our bodies and simultaneously observing or seeing from above our physical body.  This aspect of witnessing is also an element of the lucid dream state.

Now we come to the seventh state.  Lucid dreaming combines or overlaps two or possibly three states of consciousness because you are present, and you “know” you are dreaming.  This level of awareness is the same as the waking state.  It is somewhat similar to the combination of dreaming while asleep.  While dreaming, you are both asleep and in the REM partition of awareness.  Additionally, you are in an imaginary landscape similar to the Shamanic State of Consciousness.  Therefore, some think it should be the 7th state of consciousness.

There are several techniques for achieving this state.  They all involve the development of intention.  Some use a combination of mantras and “setting your intention” just before going to sleep.  You can practice this yourself.  The dream state is the easiest and most common way to begin the expansion of awareness.

“The lucid dream, located as it is at a crossroads between worlds and states of consciousness, places the magician in a unique position to influence the delicate balance of consciousness and the interplay it has on matter in the waking state and is thus an opportunity to test one’s ability in the art of adjusting the mutable fabric of Maya.” ― Zeena Schreck

Learn How To Lucid Dream Tonight

What is Lucid Dreaming? Basic Lucid Dreaming Practice —The Seventh State of Consciousness

Your Wild Lucid Dreaming Tutorial Part One

The first thing you need to do is start using a dream or spiritual journal.  It need not be an expensive notebook.  All you need is a cheap-lined paper notebook—something you can doodle in and record your experience.

Writing down your dreams’ main topics and points first thing in the morning helps you remember them.  A critical step in the process is documenting what happens.   It can also unlock more profound levels of thoughts you didn’t recall at first.  Learn how to lucid dream tonight, and begin remembering and controlling your dreams.  It’s the easiest way to expand your awareness.

Ten minutes before you go to bed, set your intention to be aware of and remember your dreams.  Do this by writing this phrase in your journal.  It will help you solidify and visualize your intent.  It’s an important step.

Then, as you drift off to sleep, repeat the phrase:

Aware in my dreams, remember my dreams.

When you awake in the morning, document your experience.  When you start writing, you are likely to remember more.  Write everything you can remember, even if it is just fragments or parts of dreams.  If you don’t remember any dreams, write that down too.

As your intention becomes more powerful, you’ll remember more dreams.  Soon you’ll discover, you’ll remember more of your dreams, and the fragments will also be like pieces of a puzzle that will come together to form a pattern or message.  The Universe is always talking to us, and our dreams are one of the best ways to connect with this intuitive knowledge.

Again, when you wake up, write down your dreams or fragments of dreams.  Later the same day, review your notes.  You will soon find that you can recover these bits and pieces.  Eventually, you recall even more of the dream.  Those who have been practicing this technique for a few months find it leads to other dreamscapes.  They find that these dreams connect to others they hadn’t remembered.

These dreams and fragments will often contain patterns.  Reoccurring elements, people, and situations are clues for further inner work.

Your Wild Lucid Dreaming Tutorial Part Two

Learn How To Lucid Dream Tonight

The next stage in the development will be expanding your control while dreaming.  When you realize you are dreaming, look at your hand.  It’s a critical step in solidifying your control.

While in the lucid dream state, you take control incrementally.  When you realize you are dreaming, the first step is to:

Look at the palm of your hand

It seems like a small thing, but it is a huge step.  You establish a link from the conscious mind to the dream state when you do this.  It acts as a bookmark.  And, this bookmark will help you direct the action in future dreams.  It will also help you in remembering the dream.

When you consciously turn over your hand and look at it, this becomes your way of increasing control.  Anytime you feel you are losing control, turn over your hand and look at your palm.  Sometimes your subconscious will play tricks with you.  You may find you have on a glove.  If so, take it off.  If your hand is “missing,” look at your other hand.  If both hands are “missing,” close your eyes.  It is the failsafe to regain control.

Close your Eyes

When you close your eyes while in a lucid dream is like hitting a reset switch, you either wake up, or you can open your eyes.  Generally, this enables you to look at your hand again.

The best way to gain more control is to start small.  Don’t try flying the first time you realize you are dreaming.  Try something small like turning around or picking up objects.  Then progress to directing the direction of your movement.  Eventually, you can fly around.  This method is safe.  You are always in control.

Next, control your environment.  Make clouds appear.  Get trees to grow.

If you find that this method isn’t expanding dream awareness, it may help use a mantra to remove any barriers.  A mantra is a vibrational formula based on the Sanskrit language.

If you aren’t familiar with mantras, then we suggest “Om Kshraum Naraismhaya Namaha.” The Mantra for removing roadblocks.  Literal translation: “I salute AND manifest energy that destroys the seemingly indestructible.” You can find downloadable copies of this Mantra on YouTube.

In Conclusion

When your friends ask lucid dreaming, now you know the answer, it’s being present and controlling your dreams.

This practice has some exciting benefits.  When you use the method, you train your awareness to be more observant.  This ability will “spill” over into your waking consciousness.  By placing your goals in your mind just before you go to sleep, you exercise your intention.  It results in a general memory improvement.  You will replace negative self-talk with positive.  Learn how to lucid dream tonight and will reap benefits tomorrow.

Writing helps us remember and resonates with our ability to set things in motion in our subconscious.  Last but not least, you will hone your mental skills.  Your dreams will be more pleasant, and you’ll remember them.  You may also gain more control over your dreams.

The seventh state of consciousness is the easiest way to expand your awareness.  This method is accessible to anyone who can follow the wild lucid dreaming tutorial.

“There is a majesty to lucid dreaming that is almost beyond words. To find yourself present and aware in another world, a universe within your own mind, is simply so far removed from our daily “normal” experiences that it can quite literally take your breath away.”  ― Daniel Love

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