Spiritual Path of Truth Questions About Enlightenment

Find Your Spiritual Path of Truth —

Student: Guru Tua, I have some questions about the spiritual path of truth. Does enlightenment occur without spiritual practice? Or does it require the use of methods like Japa meditation and the Siddhis?   You may have other questions, come and see.

Losing-My-Faith-The-Best-Losing My Faith The Best Thing That Could Happen

Losing My Faith ― The Best Thing That Ever Happened

How is losing my faith a good thing? To find out the answer, we must understand the difference between faith and confidence and delve into the cultural folklore behind the word faith.  Are you ready for this adventure?

The Real Magic Take Back the Wheel

The Real Magic — Take Back the Wheel!

The moment you take the steering wheel, that’s when the magic begins.  It’s like magic when you become the driver of your consciousness instead of the passenger.

Learning how to learn the best kept secrets of optimal learning

The Best Kept Secrets of Optimal Learning

Our schools and workplaces tell us what we need to know, but they never teach us how to learn.  That’s the problem.  Techniques to enhance memory are essential for optimal learning.