our core beliefs can be weaponized religion is a weapon the traditions

How Our Core Beliefs Can Be Weaponized ―

Religions can promote love or hate.  The tree of religious faith has two main branches; one fosters love and peace, the other hatred and violence.  Our core beliefs can be programmed to produce either.  To which limb do you belong?  Are you even in the tree?

Music As A Tool for Inner Work

Music As A Tool for Inner Work

Music is a powerful tool for the inner quest.  Inner work is dealing with your psychological and spiritual growth.  See how you can use this tool to explore consciousness.

This is Your Awakening Your Spiritual Awakening

What if This is Your Awakening? ―

Is awakening a natural progression? Does awaking relate to specific experiences or perceptions?  Is there a way to tell if you are awakening, or is it all just an elaborate mind game?