Learning How To Practice The Art of Living

Do You Practice The Art of Living? —

Lawyers practice law. Doctors practice medicine. They never claim to be perfect. Learn to do the same.

Practice the Art of Living

We respect doctors and lawyers in their professions for their missions. Many career fields are respected for their missions. Scientists in all disciplines practice and research. Musicians learning by practicing and rehearsing.  Everyone understands that mistakes are bound to happen.  It’s one way we learn to be better.

Our culture allows them to “practice” the execution of the decisions and skills throughout their careers, understanding that practitioners make errors and there is always room for improvement.  Science embraces the idea that innovations are built upon both previous successes and failures.  The happy accident is often the catalyst for discoveries.

Learning to practice the art of living is just as noble undertaking as any profession. In fact, I submit that living is a more noble aim than any profession. The goal is learning to connect with our purpose and life mission.  This is what we “are.” Don’t you think this deserves as much, or more respect than what we “do”?  How do we learn how to do this?

It takes three steps.  First, learn how to access the virtues of your spirit.  Second, repair unhealthy self-talk programming. Then go practice…

Discover the Virtues of the Spirit

The realization that there is more to life than working and earning money.  Maharishi’s book The Science of Being and the Art of Living (1) outlines how we can make life and artful journey.  He proposes that this journey starts with proper meditation.  Japa or what he calls Transcendental Meditation is the process to establish the grounding of pure consciousness.

Being grounded is the key.  Once we gain access to the thread of pure consciousness, we open up the virtues of the spirit.  This allows the Universe to speak through our intuition.  Our Being is the essence of life.  Being finds itself in multiple expressions of life on our planet.

Each one is a unique example of consciousness.  Practicing the art of right meditation grounds us and connects us to the source of Being.  This is the first step in learning to practice the art of living.  Meditating regularly is a good way to enhance our overall health and wellness.

The next steps in this awakening process will come naturally.  Once you open up the virtues of your spirit, you can also access your unique spiritual gifts.  These will help you create your path.  This allows us to live our lives as a work of art.  It will lead us to the beauty and peace that nourishes our souls.

Repair Unhealthy Programming

One of the common roadblocks that keep us from living in the spirit is unhealthy programming.  Unhealthy self-talk is destructive.  It affects our thinking and everyone in our circle of influence.

The major sources of unhealthy programming are religion and politics. It is important to note that not all religions are unhealthy.  There are some which promote freethinking and inclusion.

Unfortunately, the cultural narrative for almost half of the world is dominated by religions that contain religious prejudice.  They promote bias and discrimination while justifying violence up to and including genocide.  The religions that promote this type of thinking are those of the Abrahamic tree.  These are the Semitic religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism (3).   These religions are not new.  They are the result of rebranding Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian and Assyrian mystery religions.

If you were indoctrinated into the Abrahamic tree as a child it is not your fault.  However, it is your responsibility to fix your programming once you become an adult.

Create Your Own Path

This involves the application of tools to expand awareness and investigate higher states of consciousness.  We call the use of these processes spiritual exploration.  It’s all about developing your potential.

Everyone has their own way of awakening.  And each of us has spiritual gifts to aid in this quest.  These gifts are sleeping in our DNA.  So, waking these gifts is the key.  It sets our spiritual walk into motion.  It opens our minds to new potentials. 

Accessing these gifts was the central goal of many ancient cultures.  And so, we benefit from generations of research.  The results are a set of powerful tools anyone can use. We call these tools spiritual technologies.  These are sound methods for expanding awareness and exploring consciousness.  If you want to know how to develop your consciousness, you use these tools.

Above all, these tools stand up to the test of science. They are repeatable experiential phenomena. And these higher states of awareness also have unique measurable physiological signatures. These unique signatures differ from the basic states of consciousness: waking, sleeping, and dreaming.  These processes do not require belief in a religion.

All you need to do is follow the process.  For the most part, these tools come from Eastern traditions.  This is probably because their focus is on developing human potential.  They learned how to develop consciousness by conducting research.

Other researchers use a similarly eclectic approach.  For example, Gurdjieff’s approach was to adopt what is already proven to be effective.  After all, human physiology hasn’t changed in thousands of years.  So, the work of the ancient pioneers stands the test of time.

In Conclusion

We owe it to ourselves to learn how to practice the art of living.  We should take advantage of this marvelous opportunity to experience life in a way that is beautiful and affirming.

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