Sigil Magick ― Ritualistic Magic

Learn How To Use Sigil Magick Symbols

A Sigil is a form of hieroglyphic writing that blends creativity, calligraphy, and ceremonial magic.  Some add a dash of runes and some Hermetic magic.  Learn how you can use these symbols to enhance your spiritual practice.

Portal to the Spirit World Magical Athlete

Who is The Spirit World Magical Athlete?

It is the shaman who moves between realities, engaging in mythic feats.  They help us navigate the portal to the spirit world.   Do you know one?  Could you become one?

Here Are Best Tools For Navigating Crisis and Pandemic

The Best Tips For Navigating Crisis

Understanding what is going on with your mind during a crisis is the only way to control your behavior and produce the best outcomes for yourself and others.  See how to do it.