Answers about the Third Eye ― Opening and Closing My Third Eye

Opening and Closing My Third Eye

This an important portal of perception.  Find out if you are ready to open this door.

Answers About the Third Eye

The third-eye (3rd Eye, Third-Eye) is a reference to the pineal gland. This the size of a pea.  Most cultures envision this as a portal between your eyes on the forehead.  The glad is actually mid-brain behind the third ventricle in the middle of the brain.  Indian tradition calls this the sixth of seven Chakras.  In Egyptian tradition, it is The Eye of Horus and The All-Seeing Eye (1).

The pineal gland is dormant in the average person.  Many ancient cultures reasoned that most people are born with this glad dormant.  It allows time for a person to mature and become grounded.  A certain level of grounding is necessary before opening higher realms of perception.  So, many cultures required potential initiates to show they were ready to open this portal.

This subject generates a lot of questions. People seek answers about the third eye.  And, you will find conflicting information about it.  So conduct your own research. Weigh the answers you get with the credibility of the source.  Our organization has over 30 years of experience in researching techniques.  We have over 30,000 contacts around the world.  So, the information here is a reflection of a lot of research.  We will attempt to answer the most asked questions such as opening and closing my third eye.

Background on the 3rd Eye

Some are born with this center already open.  We call these individuals “gifted,” and natural “shaman.” They talk about other worlds that many people can’t see. The dominant culture views them as a threat. It brands them as heretics, witches, or sorcerers. This leads to their persecution.  The Church actively sought them out under the Inquisition.  In later times, the culture used sanatoriums and insane asylums.

If you want another perspective on what to expect if you open this portal of perception, we recommend that you read the works of Carlos Castaneda (3).  They sell his books as a fictional account of his training in the Toltec tradition.  However, if you open this sensory receptor, you can expect perceptual changes similar to those in the works of Mr. Castaneda.  You need not use psychotropic additives, which he outlines.  There are exercises that can do this with breath alone.  When you are ready, follow this link.

The French Philosopher Rene Descartes (2) believed the pineal gland to be “the seat of the soul” where mind and body met. So, it is important to understand that if you open this portal, you will see, hear, taste, and feel and otherwise experience reality differently. You will need to learn to filter your experience and those whom you share your perceptions of reality.

What happens if I open this portal?

Opening this portal has both intended and unintended consequences.  It involves the expansion of awareness and perception both inward and outward.  This portal also unlocks the full potential of your spiritual gifts.  So, prepare before you attempt to open this door.

Enhances Perception Inwardly and Outwardly

This is a portal that opens perception and awareness both inward and outward.  The inward effects center on the heart, memories, and emotions.  It also affects any spiritual gifts you may have.  Outwardly, it affects the perception through the senses.

It affects everyone differently.  We recommend you investigate your spiritual gifts before opening this portal.  If you are taking mood suppressants, we recommend you not open this portal.  Opening this portal is likely to push past the emotional boundaries of your medication.  It opens your heart, which expands our emotional sensitivity, empathy, and social awareness.

If you have strong religious beliefs this process will probably conflict with your beliefs.  Western mythology does not stand up to the revelations within this portal.  Before you do any activation exercises, we recommend that you use what we call comparative analysis.  This is a scientifically based method of comparative religious study.

Unintended Side Effects

There are several unintentional side effects.  So, be sure that you are ready, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Opening this portal enhances all spiritual gifts. If you have spiritual gifts that you don’t know about, then this will open those doors of perception.  If you are clairvoyant, Empath, or something else, it is better to find out beforehand. Opening this sensory portal can cause what some refer to as hallucinations.   If you have a natural inclination to do what some call astral projection, this will enhance your ability, but not your control over this state.  It will increase your intuitive awareness and what some call their sixth sense.  Make sure you are ready for these enhancements before you attempt any activation exercises.

The danger lies in not being ready.  Think of it like skydiving.  You would not jump out of the airplane and then try to learn how to put on your parachute.    Be safe.  Learn about yourself first.  Learn about the default settings of your personality and instincts.  Make sure you are grounded and know about the spiritual gifts in your DNA.

Preparing to Open this Portal of Perception

Preparing to Open this Portal of Perception

We only recommend opening this portal if you are an experienced spiritual explorer.  This is not something for those just b on their spiritual journey.  For a list of all recommended spiritual practices to help you prepare, follow this link.  Here are our minimum requirements for activating this portal:


Before activating this portal, we recommend that you have a solid grounding and have experience with the 4th state of pure consciousness.  This includes learning and using basic forms of seated and moving meditation.  See our own Blended Learning Process which includes the practice of Japa, Transcendental Meditation Technique, or similar meditation technique.  We recommend you practice this type of meditation for at least six months before attempting the 3rd eye activation processes.

Also, if you are just beginning your inner journey, learn the basic mindfulness meditation techniques. Similarly, tree grounding exercise is another excellent technique that also will help you feel grounded and normalize this energy.

Awareness Expansion

Practicing the Shamanic Journey weekly for a year is also helpful, but is not a substitute for grounding in pure consciousness.  The practice of lucid dreaming techniques is also helpful in expanding awareness and bringing any spiritual gifts to light.   Enhancing your observational skills is also an excellent way to uncover your spiritual gifts.  This is important.  You don’t want to discover your spiritual gifts by accident.

Personality and Instinctual Awareness

Additionally, we recommend that you have a grounding and understanding of your personality and instinctual stack as provided through the use of the Enneagram Personality profile.  Also, use the suite of techniques to raise your vibration.  Preparing for this expansion of perception is important.  You need to understand how significant changes in perception will affect your personality and instinctual mechanisms.

Good Health

You should consider yourself to be in good mental and physical health. If you are dealing with any serious personal physical or mental issues, we recommend that you postpone attempting the exercises for opening this portal of perception.

How do I open my third eye?

If you believe that you are ready to open this portal follow the link here a two-part activation exercise.  Be sure you are ready.  You need to have a well-established meditation where you reach the transcendent state.  You need to be well-grounded and in good health.   See above “How should I prepare to open this portal.”

Don’t take the preparation aspect lightly.  Attempting to open this level of perception when you are not ready can lead to a number of negative consequences.

Benefits of Opening this Portal of Perception

Once your third eye is open, you may find it much easier to meditate and connect with the transcendent.  This is especially true if you already practice Japa or Transcendental Meditation.  It will enhance your experience of seated and moving mindfulness meditation.  Daydreaming will take on additional levels of clarity.  Some people call these visions.

It can enhance your ability to remember dreams and engage in lucid dreaming practices.

This portal also opens your heart Chakra.  Shamans talk about being able to see with their hearts.  This means your conscience will come front and center.  You can no longer ignore injustice and discrimination.  You will see through the veil of groupthink manipulation tactics that hold people, hostage, to biased and prejudiced religious ideologies.  Here are some additional things you could expect:

    • Enhanced ability for lucid dreaming
    • Faster, easier learning and retention
    • A marked increase in intuition
    • Increased creativity
    • Psychic or Spiritual gifts develop and become markedly stronger, along with an ability to see or sense other beings, energy, and auras
    • Clairvoyance (psychic vision) may open
    • Clairaudience (psychic hearing) potentially opens
    • Clairsentience (psychic feeling/touching) has the potential to open
    • This is a powerful exercise, and as with all powerful practices, your body may go through discomfort in order to adapt

Methods to Open the 3rd Eye?

The best way is to activate it directly with the correct mantra or through the specific 3rd eye activation techniques or Kundalini Yoga. We don’t recommend using Reiki, Crystals, or any religious ceremony.  These latter are indirect methods that have their own list of unwanted side effects.  If you are ready, use a direct method that as fewer known side effects.

Closing my Third Eye?

Closing my third eye

Sorry, contrary to what you hear, you can’t close this portal of perception once it is open.  Time alone does not change the door that you open.  That’s why you need to be certain you want to open this portal.  You can’t unsee something once you’ve seen it.  You cannot ignore it and hope that it will go away.  So, if you’ve opened this portal, you will need to cope with the additional level of awareness.   This is one of the answers about the third eye that people may not want to hear.  Sorry.

As mentioned above, it also opens your heart.  Your conscience grows along with your awareness. So, you may indeed feel the need to involve yourself in some type of world-building activity.  You may find the need to help some disadvantaged groups of people. Or, you may feel the calling to support some aspect of environmental activism.  These are often life-changing calls that cannot be ignored.

Closing my third eye is the second most asked question.  So be sure you are ready and you want what is likely to happen.

What the Third-Eye is not

It is not, the evil-eye.  This is the superstition surrounding those who can supposedly curse with the glance.

It is not the sixth-sense, but it opening this portal will enhance this ability if you have it.  Many animals exhibit this ability.  They sense when someone is watching or stalking them, even when they cannot detect them with their physical senses.

It is not evil even though some religions teach that it is.  This is because it provides answers that organized religion cannot.  It opens a whole different realm of perception that can change the way you think and value reality.  So, this portal of perception is a threat particularly to the Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.  So, it is definitely not a religion.

Physical Side Effects of Opening the 3rd Eye

When you open this portal, some people experience headaches similar to a migraine sometimes lasting several hours.  So be ready.  Only use exercises to open this portal when you can rest.   The severity of the side effects will depend on how atrophied/calcified your pineal gland is, to begin with.

After a headache or pressure in the forehead, you may wake up one morning with a slight throbbing or tingling sensation in your forehead; it may feel like a goosebump. The feeling may be very intense.  You may experience pulsing or throbbing in the forehead throughout the day, and you may “hear” sounds coming from within your head, such as light popping or crackling sensations.

Sometime afterward you will probably also begin to experience energy flowing or blowing through the Third-Eye Chakra similar if not identical to those who practice Kundalini Yoda. You may experience energy coming front to back or back to front. And, this sensation can be intense, but you will soon find that you can control this flow.

There are physiological events you may experience after opening up this portal.  This is an excellent sign your pineal gland is awakening, functioning, and alive. Be ready.  Remember, closing my third eye isn’t a viable option.

Now you get to learn a new way of looking at the world.  You will see beautiful things that you’ve missed in the past.  And, will see ugly things, injustice, and inequity as well.  This may change the course of your life.  If often does.  This awareness will have a profound and lasting impact on your life.  In fact, it will affect everyone in your circle influence.

In Conclusion

If you are seeking answers about the Third Eye, and don’t find them here, contact us, and will we do our best to answer or provide resources.

If this article resonates, there are more on our blog. To find out more about our organization, see our page FAQ.

Interested in spiritual exploration?  Check out the blended learning process at the core of our teaching process. It reflects what Joseph Campbell called the Hero’s Journey (4).  Our learning options include both face-to-face and virtual learning sessions.  Please consider donating and supporting our mission. This helps others learn the knowledge for developing their path.


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