Using Imagination To Manifest a Beautiful Life

Using Imagination To Manifest a Beautiful Life

Many great sages and teachers tell us we can make a beautiful life.  They say it’s a matter of using imagination to manifest the things we need.   Here’s how to do it.

When you imagine your life, how do you picture it?  How have you set your intention to create the life you want?  Do you know how to get there? How will you overcome both the internal and external obstacles in the way? Who can help you get there?  What are your resources?

The first thing to learn is that ruminating and visualizing are two different things.  Ruminating is fanticizing about the future.  What you want to do is make the change from fanticising to visualizing the steps to get there.

Creating a Beautiful Life

“The imagination is where we create ideas. Intention gives ideas direction and force. Determination brings ideas created into manifestation.” ― Guru Tua

People have been using the imagination as a tool to create our reality long before the term Law of Attraction was first used in the book “Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World,” in 1906 (William Walker Atkinson).   The idea of working with imagination to create goes back before recorded history to the Shamanic communities of antiquity.

“With imagination, we can hold a universe inside our minds.” ― Alberto Villoldo

Engaging the power of your imagination is the key. It’s the shaping force of your world.  After all, every invention of our modern results from someone using imagination to manifest the positive things we desire.  When we add determination and intent, the results are life-changing.

We are motivated by positive actions that support our goals.  As a bonus, we also receive support in unexpected ways from unexpected sources.  Our intent is the second key.  Our intent is the ingredient that provides the energy for making life beautiful.

“Intent is not a thought, or an object, or a wish. Intent is what can make a man succeed when his thoughts tell him that he is defeated. It operates in spite of the warrior’s indulgence. Intent is what makes him invulnerable. Intent is what sends a shaman through a wall, through space, to infinity”. ― Carlos Castaneda

Using Imagination to Manifest

“Using your imagination to create mental images stimulates your mind, helps organize your life, and keeps your focus in a particular direction. It allows your unconscious mind to work toward the image you have created, the goal. It’s about understanding the life you want to live and seeing it unfold before you.” ― Georges St-Pierre

1) Start with the Goal

Start with the primary object of your intent. Imagine your life is beautiful.  What does that look like, and how does it feel?  Where is it located?   Get your heart and imagination involved.  The key is using imagination to manifest in small steps toward the ultimate goal.  Create a picture of what you want your life to be.  Fill this image with sounds and smells. Make it as vivid as possible.

“I understood that life is lived most fully in the imagination – that, ironically, imagination is the key to reality.” — Betty Eadie

Keeping the goal in your awareness on a day-to-day basis is preferred.  The way you do this is to write it down where you will see it. It’s helpful to write down the details of this word picture.   Creating a vision board is also highly recommended.  Some people like to use their computer’s desktop, and others use a bulletin board to paste pictures of their goal.

Use SMART goals.  What the acronym smart stands for are objectives that have the following characteristics.

    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Attainable
    • Realistic and
    • Goals that are time-oriented or time-sensitive

2) Assess the Gap

Next, assess where you are now.  What is the difference between the picture of your beautiful life and where you are now? Break your ultimate goal into smaller steps.

Another good practice is to use incremental goals.  Use smaller objectives to build on the next.  Breaking the larger objective into smaller benchmarks helps you reach them. For example, you ultimately want to lose 20 pounds.  Start with a target of 2 lbs. Set a target date to get this incremental goal.  Then, celebrate each step.  Celebrating the small steps will encourage and empower you to reach the final objective.

3) Plan the road to the Goal

Determine the steps to get from where you are now to the place where you “imagine a beautiful life.”

Don’t get discouraged if the path to your goal takes you on a detour.  The route to your destination is often not a straight line.  You may need to take a step backward to move forward.

4) Set Your Intention

Set your intent with affirmations and reminders to bring the picture of your beautiful life into your awareness.  One good tool for establishing intention is to create a vision board.  You can copy photos from the internet and post them on your computer, desktop, or smartphone.  Keeping these images in your daily routine makes sure you stay focused on the goal.

“To move forward, simply set your intentions, be grateful for what you have, be open to what is possible, and the rest will happen, as a beautiful and effortless journey of cooperation and listening.”— Bryant McGill

5) Work Your Plan

Repeat the above steps until you reach the goal. Using imagination to manifest gives your positive intent a purpose. Use the law of attraction thought scripts to solidify your plan.

If the picture of your beautiful changes, that’s okay.  You have wasted no time or energy.  Using this process exercises the power of your intent and imagination.  They both gain strength, just like any muscle.  Be aware of is the interference of any negative self-talk.  We highly recommend using The Enneagram of Personality to identify these issues.

6) Do what you can, then allow the Universe to guide

Send out positive vibrations and thank the Universe or your Higher Power for each manifestation of your dream.  Be watchful.  The Universe will send opportunities and steps in ways you may not expect.

In Conclusion

Using imagination to manifest is essential to creating a better future.  To make a beautiful life, you need to be persistent and patient.  The results are on the way.

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(1) Joseph Campbell & Joseph Campbell’s book The Hero’s Journey, Wikipedia

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