The Source of Your Personal Power Willpower and Inner Strength

Choosing the Source of Your Personal Power ―

“Your willpower and inner strength come from either the Soul or the Ego.  Choose Spirit as the source of your personal power.  It is better for you and the world.” — Guru Tua

We know that we are energy, and we connect to the universe.  We are not separate beings, but we often think and behave as if we are.  Our consciousness connects to this Source through our Ego.  But, our willpower, intuition, and internal motivation have a choice of sources.

Our discussion begins with the question, what is the source you use for motivation and inner strength?  What is powering your thoughts and actions?

The Source of Your Personal Power

There are two potential sources of our inner drive and self-confidence. First, there is a source that comes from temporary things.  Our Ego is the source of all things impermanent.  We don’t usually think of the Ego as something temporal, but it is.

Although we are not our Ego, many people don’t realize it.  The Ego is only a mechanism that orients our consciousness to our bodies.  Our Ego and our bodies are temporary.  Everything on the physical level is transitory and fleeting, but our consciousness or Soul is infinite.

Then there is a capacity that comes from the permanence of our being.  It’s the source originating from the Spirit or Soul.

Here’s another way to look at it.  Our willpower and inner strength give us life.  If our source is object-related and temporary, we are continually running out of life.  If you feel like joy and happiness are fleeting, then your source of these things is likely temporary. If our willpower comes from an infinite wellspring, then we live in a state of peace and contentment regardless of our external situation.

You have the choice to choose what source powers your thoughts.  Let’s look more closely at the consequences of this choice.

Ego as the Source of Your Personal Power


The Ego is the source of all temporary, object-referenced strength. This type of Ego-based mental ability is counterfeit power.  It creates a false sense of happiness from fixating on the object.  Anything based on the Ego lasts only as long as the situation or thing of reference remains unchanged.  When the situation changes, you are like a peacock losing its feathers.

For instance, the country’s president or the chairperson of a corporation has object-referenced power.  Or perhaps a person has an impressive job or a lot of money; the power they enjoy goes along with the title and the money.  If they lose the title or position, or money, they lose a part of their identity.  We lose the counterfeit power from the loss of these things.

When the Ego is the source of personal power, this power will last only as the situation lasts.  As soon as the condition or thing changes, your fuel evaporates.  When we lose the title, the job, or the money, so do the influence and prestige. That’s why it is counterfeit power.

As a result, you suffer the pain of loss. You lose the source of your willpower and inner strength when something temporary changes or goes away. Therefore, things become meaningless, which we thought would fulfill a need.  They represent a counterfeit type of contentment.  It is better known as buyer’s remorse in retail terms.

It is possible to rise to places of power but base their influence on the soul and not the Ego. Barack Obama is an example. It is possible to be influential in the culture without falling under the power of the Ego.   Russell Brand, Alan Watts, and The Dalai Lama are other examples.

Spirit as the Source of Personal Power

make soul power the source of your personal power

The Power that comes from the Soul or Spirit is infinite and permanent.  Soul power comes from the unchanging, transcendent energy of pure consciousness.  It’s the source of your awareness, your true essence.

Power derived from the Soul always attracts positive people and things. Soul power helps marshalls people, situations, and circumstances to support you. This energy also draws support from the divine nature of creation.   Choose to cultivate the source of your personal power from the Soul.  The universe will support your efforts because it positively affects everyone in our sphere of influence.  It’s the reason acts of kindness and compassion have lasting positive effects.

How can we cultivate the strength and capacity of our Soul?  Our recommendation is through the use of any spiritual technology that expands awareness.  It puts you in touch with your Spirit or Soul.  We call the use of these techniques spiritual exploration.

Willpower and Inner Strength

A common symptom of our modern culture is burnout.  Consumerism dominates our culture, which is all Ego-based.  If you feel like joy and happiness are fleeting.  The reason could be because you are continually chasing after temporary things.  Even if you get them, they do not provide lasting happiness or joy.

If the source of personal power is object-related and temporary, we are continually running out of life.    However, if our resource is infinite, then we live in a state of peace and contentment. Remember, our willpower and inner strength are our life forces.

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