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How To Raise Your Vibration ―

Would you like to raise your vibration? If so, how do you do it?  Come and see how.

What is Vibration?

The word vibration comes from Latin vibrātiō. It means to shake. The concept of vibration comes from physics. Vibration is the movement of energy which creates a wave. A wave of energy has specific wavelengths we call frequency.

We can see the frequency of light when it passes through a prism. We see the different frequencies as different colors. We see how vibration and frequency change when we drop an object in the water. The wave of energy radiates outward. As the wave moves away from the original source it loses energy. We see the wavelength change and become longer.

We can translate the above understanding of vibration to all matter. All matter has a vibrational signature. So, all matter is consciousness. Our consciousness has a vibrational signature. We can measure our brainwaves or neural oscillations.

Many things can affect our vibrational signature. Our physical and mental health are major contributing factors. Our environment impacts our health.  Some equate vibration with projecting a positive attitude. But, this seems too superficial.

Many believe it is harmonization and an increase in the frequency of thought.  This is more beneficial than pretending. Still, others contend that the frequency of our consciousness is a function of awareness. And, some believe we can measure this with Kirlian Photography (KP).  KP is a photographic technique that can capture electrical coronal discharges. It is a common research tool for alternative medicine.

The consensus of our members is that it is more than projecting a pleasant or spiritual attitude.  It’s also more than monitoring your thoughts, although this is part of it.  It’s also more than repeating affirmations, especially if you don’t know how and when to use them.

Many ancient spiritual practices aim at raising our vibrational frequency. When we increase our vibrational frequency we increase our perception.  To make these changes permanent requires solid work.

Raise Your Vibration

Despite the common rhetoric on the Internet. You can’t think or force your way to a more healthy vibration.  Pretending you are happy, won’t make you happy.   Using spiritual terms and wearing religious clothing won’t make you a better person.  Yes, you can make a temporary attitude adjustment, but this is temporary.  What you need is a consistent day-to-day process that works toward this spiritual goal.

It is possible to learn and become healthier.  It takes solid inner work.   Our minds are a reflection of mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Steps to Raise Vibrational Frequency

hero's journey steps to raise vibrational frequency

There are some practical ways to increase or raise your vibrational frequency.  Think of it like baking a cake.  You need to put the right ingredients in the right order. Follow the nine steps in the order given and you’ll get results.   Each of these elements will help you align and increase your overall health and wellness.

We are creatures who are made to survive in a very specific environment.   Our planet has its own vibrational signature.  We see many ancient cultures knew about the importance of aligning with this energy.  We see how this energy is distributed through what we call ley lines. When our planet is healthy, it is easier for us to be healthy.  Aligning with the planet makes us feel better.

1. Assess Your Overall Health

Create a plan of action that’s right for you.  You want to reach and maintain the optimum level of health.  A good goal here is durability.  Life is a long-distance event.  The healthier you are the more options you have.  We recommend doing this assessment regularly. Make it a part of your healthy spiritual practice.

It’s important not to skip this step. Don’t rush ahead without finding out the elements you need. This assessment will reveal the things you need to stop, as well as the things you need to start.

Your Durability The Ultimate Health Goal

2. Find the Right Mix of Health Elements

Use the proper blend of the nine essential ingredients for a healthy spiritual practice. Each element affects others.  So, you need to find the content and mix that’s right for you.  Finding the right mix takes some time, but the right balance is important.

Let the information from your assessment be your blueprint. Many people find that making slight adjustments in these nine ingredients is the key. The simplest things can have a huge impact.

For example, by setting a specific time to go to sleep you can stabilize your circadian rhythm. This is a natural, internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. This and repeats roughly every 24 hours. When we stabilize this rhythm we sleep better and are more refreshed.

Nine Elements of spiritual practice Find the Right Mix of Essential Health Elements

3. Use The Enneagram of Personality Profile

Next is the Enneagram of Personality.  This is another assessment tool.  It starts our inward journey.  This tool will show the settings of your personality and instinct.  It uncovers the hidden mechanisms of the mind. What you find will probably surprise you.

The Enneagram is a system of both science and spiritual tradition.  So, it draws on several sources for its psychometric knowledge.  The development of this process is ongoing. Testing with the scientific method verifies the underlying theory and outcomes of this system.  What’s more, this system is deep enough to satisfy the desired details for clinicians.  Yet, it uses language, almost everyone can use it.  This makes it a practical tool for self-discovery and inner wisdom.

The Enneagram of Personality ― Illuminating Ego, Personality, and Instinct

4. Virtues of the Spirit

Learn how to live the higher virtues of the spirit.  This will raise your vibration.  Beware.  They will open your eyes to several things both internal and external.  It will cause a shift in awareness and growth of conscience.  The world needs more people living from this aspect of intent instead of out of habit.

Virtues of the Spirit Your Soul Path

5. Learn to Meditate

If you don’t know why you should meditate, learn about the benefits.  If you want to learn how here’s a link to the beginning meditation form.  Then, learn and use the methods for mindfulness meditation.  And take the step to learn Japa or Transcendental Meditation (TM).  Direct access to the transcendent is a proven way of “raising vibrational frequency”.  Meditating regularly puts your mind in a stress-reducing state.  This is good for your overall health and wellness.  It prepares you for more advanced processes. For example the third eye activation technique.

How to Meditate — Beginning Meditation learn to meditate

6. Enhance Your Critical Thinking Skills

Exercise the mind, not just your body. Enhance your critical thinking skills.    When you use common sense and reasoning, your awareness expands.  Despite what some religions teach, thinking is good for you.  Yes. This is part of a healthy spiritual practice.  If you learn how to spot facts from fiction, you won’t get sidetracked into religion.

We’ve put together a suite of tools.  Some think of them as short online books on critical thinking. These tools include Logical Reasoning, Spotting Logical Fallacy, and The logical Axioms.  These tools will enhance critical thinking enabling you to discern facts from fiction.

Comparative Analysis is another valuable analytical tool. This is a systematic approach to research based on the scientific model.  It’s a method that compares ideas and beliefs from different worldviews.  And, yes.  It is a critical thinking skill that can change your entire outlook on life. Mark these articles in your favorites so you can return to them to refresh your skills.

Critical Thinking Skills — Common Sense and Logic

7. Question The Cultural Programming

Next, assess the programming of your cultural narrative.  This is the stuff you typically get from religion.  Many religions program bias and prejudice.  So, these negative ideas color your perception and are a hindrance to a healthy mind.  This will overcome all the positive work you try to do. Above all, learn to question the cultural narrative.

You can’t live anywhere on the planet and not be subject to this programming.  It comes in a variety of forms of groupthink manipulation.   It is prevalent in religions and politics that have extremist points of view.

Starting Point to Freedom — Begin Questioning the Cultural Narrative National Folklore

8. Reprogram Self-Talk

Finally, you are ready to reprogram and raise the frequency of your thoughts and your body.  Resist the urge to jump to this step before you complete the necessary steps.  Here again, the Enneagram of Personality system is a good tool.  This process uses the “repeating question” technique. With this, we can find the programming in our cultural narrative. Then we can and replace it with positive and healthy thinking scripts.

Positive Affirmations — Tools to Create A Better World


Now, you are also ready to use affirmations.  Don’t use these before you’ve corrected the underlying programming.  Otherwise, the use of affirmations will not be effective.  It’s impossible to plant positive seeds in bad soil and expect them to bear fruit.  Negative thoughts and beliefs will drown out any affirmation before they can grow.

In Conclusion

If you follow the steps above, it will open up a whole new level of perception.  It’s possible to raise your vibration.  Don’t skip steps and you’ll get there.  You’ll find these steps are also a part of what we call spiritual exploration.

We hope you found this article helpful, maybe even thought-provoking.  You will find more interesting posts on our blog page. Use the “search” option on the blog page to find articles by key terms, topics, or category.

Does spiritual exploration interest you?  If so, we offer both face-to-face and virtual learning sessions.  We use a blended learning process to get the best learning outcomes.  This blended approach aligns with what Joseph Campbell calls the Hero’s Journey.

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