The Hero's Journey Steps Awakening, Transforming and Inspiring

The Hero’s Journey — Awakening, Transforming and Inspiring

What draws people to the inner quest?  Many people think the call of the spiritual quest is a latent primal desire. It’s what Joseph Campbell called the Hero’s Journey steps.  Do you hear this call?

The Hero’s Journey

The hero’s journey always begins with the call. One way or another, a guide must come to say, ‘Look, you’re in Sleepy Land, Wake. Come on a trip. There is a whole aspect of your consciousness, your being, that’s not been touched. So you’re at home here? Well, there’s not enough of you there.’ And so it starts. — Joseph Campbell

We use the above quote to start every new group. It sets the tone and mission for beginning the Hero’s Journey steps. If you hear the call, then you are not alone. You can use it too. It has sparked the spiritual journey for many people.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your spiritual journey.  If you are starting or re-dedicating your journey, please link to our Facebook Page or Group.   We also have virtual learning options that teach the basics of these mind-expanding processes.  Of course, our traditional face-to-face learning curriculum will be available when it is safe to do so.

The Call

What is most interesting, this is a pattern. The call of the spiritual quest is the heart of many spiritual philosophies and religions.  It is also one that we mirror in our blended learning process. Although the pattern takes shape using different characters across many cultures, the story’s core elements remain the same. This story resonates with us on a deep level because it describes the visionary journey of spiritual exploration.

The Hero’s Journey Steps

hero's journey steps

The Hero’s Journey is a story with a pattern involving three main phases.  You will find this pattern in many ancient traditions.  Sometimes this pattern is hidden within the narrative of religions.  For example, we can see this pattern in the life stories of Buddha and Jesus.  We see how they awaken and change through a cosmic metamorphosis.  This change gives them a mission to teach others how to create their own paths.

The Hero’s journey steps revolve around three phases.  These three phases, revolve, intertwine, and overlap.  If we look closely, we’ll find this pattern in our own lives.

We use this universal pattern in our blended learning process.  These three steps are awakening, transforming, and inspiring.

To know where we are in this process is helpful.  It’s a way of pinpointing the right actions to get you to the next phase in the cycle.  This pattern cycles repeat over and over, again and again.

We highly recommend you use a spiritual journal.  It will be an indispensable tool and a personal coach. It helps you spot patterns of thinking and roadblocks on your path.  b Another wonderful process that goes along with the journal is automatic writing or automatic handwriting.

First Step – Awakening

awakening wake up and be awesome

The first step is to awaken—this where we build a foundation for further development.  Here we show how to use a spiritual journal, basic mindfulness, and guided meditation (Shamanic Journey) practices.  Here is where we learn and troubleshoot the basic forms of seated and moving meditation.  If we learn to identify and overcome hurdles, this becomes a problem-solving skill set we can use in every area of life.

We also use analytical tools like The Enneagram of Personality, the suite of logical reasoning tools, and comparative analysis of belief systems.

These processes are inspiring and transformational in their own right, but they are only the foundation.  These are tools that we will use throughout our journey.

In this phase, we identify our strengths and opportunities.  We build a trusting community that facilitates sharing and helping.  This is the preparation phase enabling us to “ready” to learn deeper practices.  This foundational phase is one you find in many ancient systems.

Our Awakening isn’t the goal, and it is the first step in opening our potential.  There are always higher levels of awareness that we can achieve.

Second Step – Transforming

transforming butterflies

After building a common foundation of knowledge and trust, we are ready for a weekend-long retreat.  This gives us time to learn and practice. Everyone helps and co-facilitates. This second step in the development process is one the makes us partners.  Learning, sharing, and helping others learn is an important phase. It starts the expansion of our focus from individual goals to the group and then the community.

The second step is Transforming. Our transformation affects us and everyone in our circle of influence. Time alone from our normal daily routine gives us a chance to focus. This is one of the major reasons the retreat is important.  The retreat enables uninterrupted sequential training and practice.  This is the best way to ensure learning. We learn the techniques in the morning, then practice in the afternoon.  Troubleshoot and celebrate in the evening.  Our process accommodates everyone’s learning style and abilities to ensure the best outcomes.

Transformation brings its own unique kind of learning and awakening.  When we help others, we learn the techniques from a new perspective.  You learn as much from sharing and helping as you do from any other form of instruction.

The weekend gives time to emersion in deeper practice. This is something we rarely have time to do in our modern lifestyles.  People describe the weekend as “an oasis.”   It’s a time to share, help others, get healing, and re-charge our spiritual and physical bodies.

The weekend goes by often too fast for most who want to stay and bask in the synergy and positive energy generated by so many involved in this noble aim.  Transforming doesn’t stop with the weekend.  It continues with us in our practice of sharing the knowledge.

When a weekend retreat is not possible, we go online.  We dedicate the weekend to sharing what we practice at home.  It does not take the place of the community of the face-to-face meeting, but it is an adequate substitute.

Third Step – Inspiring

inspiring helping hand

The third step means to live in the spirit. This is one of the primary goals of the Hero’s Journey.  Inspired living is something Dr. Dyer talked about extensively.

Just as a candle spreads light in a darkened room, people who are living in Spirit give off a higher energy that can bring light to our hearts and minds.
― Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

In this phase, we meet regularly to share and help others.  We continue building sharing, receiving help, and encouragement to help us overcome any personal roadblocks.

Peer-to-peer learning gives up the opportunity to allow others to help us, just as we help others.  We also reach out and partner with other like-minded people and groups. This helps us create a positive network.  We each walk our own path on the Hero’s Journey, but that doesn’t mean we are always alone.  We learn that inspiring others also helps us live in spirit.

Final Thoughts

At the foundation of the spiritual quest, you’ll find the hero’s journey steps.  Answering the call sets our spiritual journey in motion.

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(1) Joseph Campbell & Joseph Campbell’s book The Hero’s Journey, Wikipedia

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