Showing how to be a kind person

Be a Kind Person ― Join the Warriors of Light

If you can’t find a kind person, then choose to be one yourself.  This is a personal challenge.  Be the positive change you want to see in the world.  Join the warriors of light.

How To Be a Kind Person

Join the resistance against the spread of people acting arrogant, greedy, and selfishness.  Be an example of a charitable, compassionate individual.  This is an example that others can use.  You can do it.  Granted, it takes some effort and a bit of courage.  Instead of reacting with anger, respond with friendliness, love, and compassion.  Be the reason someone believes there are still good people in the world.

It may be shocking to those around you. So, be aware you may get some strange looks when acting with kindness and compassion. But, is the signature behavior of warriors of light. Here are just some opportunities you’ll find to be a kind person.

    • When you are cut off in traffic.  Smile and be kind instead of giving them the middle finger.
    • If you see someone is hunting a parking space, give them yours.
    • Going through a toll booth, pay for the person directly behind you.
    •  Allow the elderly or someone with few items to go ahead of you at the grocery checkout.
    • Smile and say hello when walking in public spaces.
    • Thank the public servant whenever you visit.   Tell them you appreciate what they do.
    • Thank those who work in retail establishments.  Thank them for their help.

Negative Examples

There really aren’t many assholes in the world, but it seems as though they are strategically placed so that you’ll run into at least once a week.  But, why would the Universe do that?  Simple.  They are examples of what not to become.  Instead, choose to be tolerant and forgiving.  Become a warrior of light.

The Big Picture

Doing these simple things will do something interesting.  It will change your attitude about life.  When you become one of the warriors of light, you’ll will yourself thinking and handling situations differently.  The assholes in the world won’t be as infuriating as they have been in the past.  These simple things that you can do will change the trajectory of your own life and those you meet. You’ll become an example of someone who is making a positive impact.  Extending simple acts of compassion is a good step in the direction of your spiritual path.  We are, after all, spiritual beings.

The Warriors of Light

Be a Kind Person ― Become one of the Warriors of Light

We have special opportunities every day to choose between being a kind person or reacting in a way that is unkind. These show up as conflicts or things that infringe upon our beliefs.   Kindness and compassion are core values of the warrior of light.  Become someone who shines the light in the darkness.  It’s not always the easiest path, but in doing so you plant seeds.

In Conclusion

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