how is spiritual exploration different

How is Spiritual Exploration different from Religion?

How is Spiritual exploration different from religion?  This is a good question and, the answer will surprise you.

What Makes Spiritual Exploration Different

How is spiritual exploration different from most religions?  The short answer is spiritual exploration focuses on ways to develop awareness.  Whereas, most religions focus on the belief in a higher power.

Spiritual exploration is a term we use to describe all of the ways to explore and develop awareness. This type of research is the focus of many ancient cultures. It is spiritual because these cultures see this work as a means of answering the call of our spiritual quest.  It is exploration because these methods help us explore the fabric of our very nature.  Above all, this work results in tools which are scientifically sound and repeatable.  It’s just like following a recipe to bake a cake.  If you use the right things in the right order, the result is something delicious.  You just follow the recipe.

On the other hand, the three most popular religions in the world focus on belief.  These are the Abrahamic traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  These religions have over 3 billion members.  Wow! And, today there are well over 10,000 different variations. But, among these believers, there are also a variety of beliefs.  Everyone has a unique approach to the subject of a higher power. And, what’s more, because of their critical mass they have a great influence on the cultural narrative.  Whether you believe or not you see their effects in all areas of life.

Where Did These Processes Come From?

You can find these tools all around the world.  For instance, Shamanism in one form or another show up is on every continent.  And, you’ll find several meditative practices from Eastern cultures.  For instance, Japa Meditation is from India and healing arts like Reiki come from Japan. There are also some processes from the Western cultural tradition, like The Enneagram Profile. Above all, the cultures focus on safeguarding this valuable knowledge.  Thus, preserving the integrity of processes. The actions of these cultures help to raise the consciousness of man.

Some of these technologies have gone through a marketing re-branding effort.  This makes them more ease to market.  For example, you can find creative visualization or guided meditation techniques across many Western paradigms.  These processes have their roots in the Shamanic traditions.

All of the above processes represent a significant body of consciousness development tools.  We use the term spiritual exploration to describe them.  They are the time-tested tools for altering, expanding and opening higher states of awareness.

What Are Spiritual Technologies?

There are many ways to list these processes. We like this simplified method. Some of these technologies could be in more than one category:

In Conclusion

Spiritual exploration differs considerably from the three main religions of the world.  Western religion focuses on doctrines derived from mythology.  Spiritual exploration focuses on processes for expanding awareness.  So, they are as different as night and day.

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