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Beginning Meditation — Made Easy In Two Steps

Meditation benefits your overall health and wellness.  There are two basic steps to beginning meditation which anyone can learn.

The First Step —  Observe The Body

The first step to beginning meditation is learning to focus our attention. We start by moving our attention to our posture.  Sit comfortably with eyes closed.  Your spine straight but not strained.  Place your hands in any manner that is comfortable.  It’s best not to cross your legs.

Bring your attention to your posture and your body.  Start by focusing your attention at the crown of your head and moving downward.  You’ll probably find your mind wanders. This experience is common.  Don’t beat yourself up.  You aren’t doing it wrong,  just return your attention back to your posture. This body scan meditation can be done for any length of time.

We rarely pay attention to the sensations of our body unless there is some pain.  So, with this step, we are bringing our powers of observation into focus.  We are learning to observe without interfering.  Learning to observe is an important step which has the benefit of immediately quieting the active mind.

This first step should be restful.  The main thing to remember is that it should be enjoyable.  If you are practicing this technique, you may discover aches and strains you were not aware of.  So, this practice helps put us back in touch with ourselves.  This is the first step towards mindfulness.  We’ll discuss mindfulness meditation later.

Step Two — Observe the Breath

If we are comfortable observing the body, the next step is the observation of breath.  So, while sitting and observing the body, bring your attention to your breath.  We are trying to observe without interfering.

Inhaling and exhaling are normal unconscious functions.  So, this step can be awkward at first.  That’s because we are not accustomed to observing our breath.  The tendency is to alter the breath once we realize it.  This is common.  If observing your breath is awkward, resume observing the body.  You can try observing the breath later when your meditation practice progresses it will become easier.

Benefits of Beginning Meditation

Moreover, you will tap into the benefits of this meditation practice immediately.   In fact, it can reduce feelings of anxiety the first time you meditate.   We become more familiar with our emotions and bodies.  And, it introduces us to a restful oasis.  Thus, giving our active mind a place to recharge.

The goals here are twofold.  First, we are getting more in touch with our bodies.   Second, we are enhancing our observational skills.  Another key point, most seated forms of meditation have these two elements at their core.


As we mentioned above, these two steps are important steps toward being more mindful.  The more you practice the easier it becomes.  Soon it will be a part of daily life.

First, Mindfulness is a psychological quality of the mind.  The state of mindfulness brings our complete attention is brought to the present on a moment-to-moment basis.  It allows the real you to be fully present so you can really pay attention.

Second, Mindfulness meditation and Mindfulness practices enable us to enter a sacred space of silence. We feel a balance or centering.  As a result, these practices are restful and energizing. Mindfulness is awareness with purpose. All of your perceptive skills are brought into focus. You can learn more about these next steps by following the link.

In Conclusion

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