breaking chains as patterns of thought

When old patterns of thought are broken, new worlds emerge

Breaking Patterns of Thought

“When old patterns of thought are broken, new worlds can emerge.”  ― Guru Tua

We definitely want to see these new worlds.  But to this old patterns of thought must be broken.  But, we need help to see these patterns. They become a part of our ordinary thoughts.  So, they are hard to observe. After all, we cannot change what we cannot see.

These habitual patterns are significant as they are the default settings of awareness.  As children, we fashion thought routines that become habitual.  Our parents and the culture we live in also help to form these patterns.  In fact, these sources help form the thought patterns and values of our worldview.  The quality of these depends upon the messages you receive.  Hopefully, the content of this programming is positive and not negative.

Moreover, we are creatures born to explore. Exploring the unknown draws us to the Hero’s Journey.   We want to see and grow beyond the scope of a child.  Breaking old patterns of thought is one of the keys to spiritual development. So, we need something to help us see them.  Once we see them we have the power to change and move beyond them.  Luckily, the ancient pioneers of spiritual exploration give us these tools.

Tools of the Hero’s Journey

There are several tools to help you identify and change these patterns.  For instance, a spiritual journal is an excellent tool for revealing the details of these patterns.  It’s a record of thinking and perception. The Enneagram Personality Profile is another tool which gives us insight into personality, and instinct.  Using the Enneagram we learn how to move beyond the default settings of these constructs. Additionally,  practicing Japa Meditation and the Siddhis enables us to connect regularly with pure awareness. Similarly, the Shaman journey down the river of consciousness.  Here they can see the patterns of thought and emotional energy that make up our lives.  These tools help us see patterns of thought and emotion. And, so give us the ability to move beyond them. 

The realm in which we live possesses so much more than the child mind can imagine. The place to start the Hero’s Journey is by keeping a journal.  A spiritual journal is one of the most powerful tools for inner work.  This will show you the patterns of thought blocking your path.  Eventually, you’ll see beyond the child mind.

Final Thoughts

Above all, learn how important it is to break the patterns of thought hindering your path.  Don’t wait another day.  Take the steps to set off on your own path.  This takes inner work which can shine a light on these patterns.

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