Personal Truth or Love — What Should You Seek_

Personal Truth or Love — What Should You Seek?

Should you seek your personal truth or love?  If you pick the right one first, the other will follow naturally.  However, if you pick the wrong one first, then you lose them both.  You have a 50/50 chance, but a lot is riding on this.  So, make the right decision.

We are choice makers.  Almost everything we do involves a choice.  Sometimes simple choices can have a tremendous impact.  What do we pursue in life to obtain happiness and fulfillment?  Can we obtain both personal truth and love, or do we need to choose between the two?  It would seem that personal truth is an analytical choice, and love would be a choice we make with the heart.  But, this is incorrect.

Personal Truth or Love?

Your personal truth is the gateway to the virtues of the spirit. These are gratitude, joyfulness, happiness, love, thankfulness, blissfulness, appreciation, mindfulness, and serenity.  These are the higher values of the human state.  When these positive values shine everyone and everything benefits. That’s why seeking our personal truth is so important.

Once you open up these virtues of the spirit, several magnificent things happen.  Important personal truths will become clear.   And the truth may surprise you.  You’ll likely find that your heart’s desire does not live in collecting things.  Nor does it come from achievements or material success. Instead, it’s finding an outlet for the virtues that are surfacing.  This could take the shape of many positive things. Compassion for other people and our world is a natural outcome.  How you use these virtues depends upon your sphere of influence.

Should you seek personal truth or love?  I say, seek your personal truth.  For all the virtues of the spirit come from opening your heart.  This happens when you experience your personal truth. — Guru Tua

Finding Your Personal Truth

Truth is always available.  It is the awareness linking you to the transcendent. And the transcendent is the flame of consciousness living in your heart.  It connects your spirit or Soul to your body.  The more you open your heart, the greater your access to the virtues of the spirit. The key is opening the heart.

One point of advice, be wary of those who claim they have the secret to your personal truth. We cannot find this truth in any book or affiliation with any belief system. It is not to be found in any religion or ideology. Also, beware of those who say they have discovered a fresh way to this truth.  In our experience, this turns out to be someone rebranding the ancient spiritual technologies.

Regular meditation opens the heart.  If you practice a form that embraces pure consciousness. In the state of pure consciousness, there is only Being – no thought. Regular meditation brings this personal truth into your waking and dreaming consciousness. When you do this, then the virtues of the spirit can flow in your life. Showing love, compassion, friendliness, respect, and understanding will be natural and effortless.   In fact, many ancient spiritual technologies open up your awareness, making access possible.

Spiritual Technologies

Spiritual technologies are tools for exploring consciousness.  They result from generations of research by cultures around the world. These processes stand up to the test of science. They are repeatable and measurable.  Everyone who can follow a process can use these tools. We call the practice of these processes spiritual exploration.
You can list these tools in several ways. Some fall into more than one group.   We like this simple method of grouping.

Critical Thinking

The first group is several analytical tools to enhance critical thinking. The Enneagram Personality Profile is the first tool of our blended learning process. This tool provides insight into the mechanisms of ego, personality, and instinct. Logical reasoning, spotting logical fallacies, and logical axioms. These are the three major tools of logical reasoning. This helps you to avoid common mistakes in assessing information.
Next, a research tool we call Comparative analysis.  This is a process to which help us to explore and compare belief systems.  This process is a scientific process form of comparative religious studies. Together these analytical tools give a solid foundation of common sense thinking. They sharpen your ability to discern facts from fiction.

Seated Meditation

Seated meditation is the heart of most spiritual practices. This includes a wide range of meditation techniques. It starts with Beginning Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation. It progresses to more advanced forms like Japa Meditation the Siddhis of Patanjali.

Moving Meditation

This is another foundational element that strengthens the mind-body connection. Moving meditation is also to our health and wellness.  This progression includes several methods of energy collection. Here we teach Forest Bathing, Qigong, and Tai Chi.

Awareness Expansion

Pathways for expanding awareness include a variety of tools. This group includes practical tools like the spiritual journal and automatic writing. Here we introduce lucid dreaming, the Shamanic Journey, or Guided Meditation. There are also techniques for third-eye awakening and soul memory awareness.

Healing Practices

Healing practices are the last group.  This branch includes Pe Jet, Reiki, and Shiatsu.  Self-care is an important element of this group. It is vital for normalizing our inner work and maintaining our health and wellness.

Opportunities for Daily Inner Work

Everyday life events are potential gateways to the knowledge of our personal truth.  Our truth is our Soul or spirit lives in a place of peace and serenity.   When something or someone frustrates or makes us angry, this is the Universe providing an opportunity.  It’s telling us we have a unique event that we can use to open our hearts.  When this negative emotion arises, stop and take a breath.

For example, if someone says something that makes you angry, stop.  Take a breath and listen.  Instead of thinking about what you want to say.  Simply listen.  You’ll discover that often their words come from a place of pain or fear.  They want you to join in with them. But, don’t do it.  Let your breathing make you calm.  Just breathe and listen.  Don’t let their words make you angry.   If you do this successfully the good virtues of your spirit will come forward.  Often the other person will sense this peace and calmness.

Life’s frustrations give us moments to practice.  Each of these events presents us with the gateway to the virtues of the spirit.  Yes, as crazy as it seems these are excellent events.  Let’s say you are driving your car.  And, you probably think your care is invisible.  That’s because it seems like every slow driver is pulling out in front of you.  When you realize your frustration, stop, and breathe.  Don’t automatically think the person ahead of you is an idiot.  Ask yourself about the possibilities of their situation.  Perhaps they are emotionally distraught over something and they aren’t paying attention.  Maybe they are physically ill or handicapped.  Send them some good vibes instead of cussing.

In Conclusion

It’s not a choice between personal truth or love. Chose personal truth first.  love will follow.  Don’t miss the opportunities to cultivate the virtues of the spirit.  Learn to turn negative emotions into events of positive change.  Learn and use as many of the spiritual technologies as possible.  Doing so will make your journey more pleasant and exciting.

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