Good Habits ― Building Positive Behaviors

Building positive behaviors is as important as dealing with negative habits.  Learn to use your habitual nature to create good habits.

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Guided by Reason ― Common Ground of Atheism

Everyone believes they are guided by reason.  It doesn’t matter if you have deeply held religious beliefs or none at all.  Funny thing.  Everyone has unexpected common ground in the most unexpected place.

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Perception is The Mask ― Hiding The Truth

“With spiritual work, the terms ‘is’ or ‘are’ become progressively replaced by the term ‘seems to’, which is due to the increasing realization of the degree to which perception is the mask that hinders truth.” – David R. Hawkins 

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Personal Truth or Love — What Should You Seek?

“Should one seek love or truth?  I say, seek your personal truth.  For all the virtues of the spirit come from opening your heart.  This happens when you experience your personal truth”.— Guru Tua

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