Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation ― Gateway to Spiritual Exploration

You’ve probably heard that meditation is good for your health.  Fact is, the right type of meditation can open doors to a number of health benefits.  Because of this, many are learning a specific type of meditation to obtain these gifts.  So, read how you can make these health benefits a part of your own wellness program.

The Benefits of Meditation

Above all, the right type of meditation yields a number of health benefits for the mind, body, and spirit.  That’s because the right meditation process enables you to reach a unique 4th state of consciousness.  This 4th state is known as the “transcendental state of consciousness.”  This is a partition of consciousness with unique physiological attributes different from waking, sleeping and dreaming.  More importantly, this 4th state is most notable for its profound state of rest while the mind remains alert but without thought.

Many scholars and spiritual teachers from Joseph Campbell to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi talk about the importance of this state.  For example, Joseph Cambell refers to it as bliss consciousness while Maharishi calls this state transcendental consciousness.  Consequently, the key is using the right process. Because there are so many types of meditation it’s important to find the right one.  In other words, you really need a process which will lead you to this 4th state.  This is where you connect with pure consciousness.

So, what is the preferred method for reaching this 4th state?  We recommend a technique known as Japa Meditation.  This is a generic version of the Indian process brought to the West by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as Transcendental Meditation (TM).  This latter terminology is certainly more well-known.  They are essentially the same process.  Both use a specifically chosen mantra in the same effortless way.  Do you still need more convincing you should learn this process?   If so, there’s also a great deal of scientific evidence available on the validity of the process.  In addition, below you’ll find a list of some of the other benefits with daily use.

30 Benefits of Meditation

1. Promoting deeper levels of rest
2. Reducing anxiety
3. Enhancing your immune system
4. Lower harmful cholesterol
5. Reducing the overall effects of aging
6. Increasing healing
7. Reducing muscle tension
8. Reducing the number and severity of headaches
9. Reducing high blood pressure
10. Increases energy levels
11. Improving the quality of sleep
12. Reduce the effects of depression
13. Increases brain coherence and functioning
14. Reducing phobias and fears
15. Treatment to overcome PTSD
16. Cultivates attention and focus
17. Promotes presence
18. Improve your overall cognitive ability
19. Break habitual behavior and addictions
20. Stabilizes emotional fluctuations
21. Increases oxytocin levels
22. Reduces adrenalin and cortisol levels
23. Increases creativity and intuition
24. Promotes self-care
25. Enhances your will-power
26. Reduces negative emotions
27. Promotes inner peace
28. Reducing your overall stress level
29. Encourages a healthier lifestyle
30. Increases patience and tolerance

What is Spiritual Exploration?

Spiritual exploration is the practice of processes we call spiritual technologies. In essence, spiritual technologies are methods of developing your potential.  In short, these mental tools focus on expanding awareness and consciousness.  And, these processes stand up to the test of science – repeatable and measurable. Anyone can use them. It’s like baking a cake. If you follow the directions, you get something delicious.

Of course, there are several ways to list these processes. It’s important to note some of these tools could easily be in more than one category:

  • Logical reasoning is one of the first tools we study. This includes the companion tools, spotting logical fallacies and logical axioms.   Above all, these are essential tools for any spiritual explorer.  They are able to sharpen your ability to discern fact from fiction.
  • Another important basic toolset is the “inner work” methods like The Enneagram Personality Profile.  These help us to understand the mechanisms of Ego, personality, and instincts. They also provide a doorway to understanding the virtues and gifts of the spirit.
  • Progressions of seated meditation are the heart of the practice.  This includes a range from Basic Mindfulness Meditation through Japa Meditation and the Siddhis of Patanjali.
  • Next, progressions of moving meditation. For instance, several methods of energy collection, like Forest Bathing, Qigong, and Tai Chi.
  • Awareness and consciousness expansion pathways such as  Lucid Dreaming and the Shamanic Journey or Guided Meditation.
  • And last but not least, several healing modalities, such as Reiki, and Shiatsu.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, we hope this article provides motivation for you to learn this type of meditation.  You deserve the benefits of meditation in your life.  And, moreover, we hope this article provides the spark which will ignite your own journey of spiritual exploration.  What’s more, you don’t have to believe in any religion to enjoy the benefits.  This goes for all of the elements of spiritual exploration.  It’s very different from religion.

So, If this article resonates, there are more on our blog.  Also, you may be interested in learning about our blended learning process.  This is our curriculum which we use to teach several mind-expanding tools.  It also aligns the Hero’s Journey.  This is the term Joseph Campbell gave the pattern of consciousness development.  Our learning process is available in two forms.  You can take part in the virtual learning module or in our workshops.

While you are here please also check out our page FAQ for information about our mission.  And, please consider donating to support our mission of providing these ancient spiritual development tools.

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