normal is an Illusion

Normal is an Illusion ― An Arbitrary Value Judgement

What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.  Normal is an illusion because what we think is normal depends upon our often narrow frame of reference. Learn why you should expand your awareness.

Normal is an Illusion

The boundaries of the culture are what people call normal.  In order to be successful, you must learn to behave within these boundaries.  Experiences and ideas outside of this benchmark threaten those who control this narrative.  Believe or not, in distant times past, this narrative was more inclusive. We know this is true because there are communities where acceptance of everyone is the norm.  These tend to be what we think of as primitive cultures.  But, are they really primitive?  Yes, even those gifted with the innate ability to traverse different states of consciousness.  These are the natural Seers, Shaman, and Healers. They provide wisdom and healing services.  For them, nonordinary reality or the paranormal is simply another vantage point of reality.  The community values these different perspectives.

In fact, they taught others these skills by helping them to learn ways to tap into these other realities.

What Causes a Narrow Bandwidth of Perception?

The type of inclusive culture outlined above became taboo when Western Organized Religion took control.  This is the paradigm of the Abrahamic religions (The Western Organized Religions of Semitic origin including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam).  These are actually an eclectic combination of earlier traditions. Their doctrine, dogma, and beliefs are the rebranding of earlier Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian and Assyrian mystery religions. They don’t want you to question the cultural narrative they provide.  You are their customer.

We are often products of the cultural narrative in which we spend our formative years.  If we are lucky we grow up around open-minded freethinkers.  However, much of the world’s population is still under the control of a cultural narrative which is inherently harmful morally corrupt.  It’s a cultural narrative which promotes genocide, racial, ethnic and gender discrimination.  There was once just one source of this cultural programming, religion.  Then as civilization progressed religion took root within the culture and eventually refected its backward, regressive and repressive values into society.  So, we grow up in cultures thinking that “this is the way it is supposed to be.”  Our normal is an illusion. It is nothing more than an arbitrary benchmark which supports a delusion.   It’s an illusion created to maintain control of our values and therefore our behaviors.

What Are the Options for Reality?

This illusion is easy to see if you travel to a foreign country where the paradigm is vastly different than your own. Additionally, if you involve yourself in

Since we are only able to perceive what we expect our reality is limited by our beliefs.  So, what people call the paranormal is normal for the Witch and Shaman. Those who are drawn to these paths are often able to “See” through the veil separating normal from non-ordinary reality.  In times past indigenous cultures knew how to care for and cultivate those with these gifts.   The development of these gifts through ritual and the Shamanic Journey, provide access and control to the journey into other realms we call non-ordinary reality or the paranormal. 

The Shamanic journey is available to everyone.  However, the novice or beginner should always take care and proceed with proper caution and instruction with a qualified teacher.  It’s a good practice to work with others who have experience in this type of inner work. This is true even if the solitary path is your calling. So, the Witch or Shaman brings a great deal of value to the lives of others. They assist and guide in the healing of spiritual and physical trauma.  Sometimes this is at great risk to their own Being.

If Normal is an Illusion what are the implications?

If normal is an illusion created by the cultural narrative, then we must learn to see beyond this construct in order to “see” reality.  The first step is admitting your current view of reality is an illusion.  Realize that we are programmed to judge.  Then you will be able to begin to remove the layers of the cultural narrative that are obscuring reality.  Believe it or not, but the study of logical reasoning is one of the best tools for the spiritual explorer.

Final Thoughts

Most importantly, learn to constantly test your path.  Don’t trust blindly.

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