Extending Love Fearlessly The Real Courage Builder

Extending Love Fearlessly — The Real Courage Builder

Extending love takes courage.   But the rewards are worthwhile.   It will strengthen your heart and intention.

Extending Love Fearlessly

We hold back sharing our love because it makes us vulnerable.  We fear rejection.  We live in a world where fear permeates the culture.  It can undermine relationships and thwart our efforts of spiritual exploration and self-discovery.

Learning to share our love strengthens us precisely because it makes us vulnerable. Vulnerability is the key. It is a courage builder.  Our intention is like a muscle.  The more we exercise it, the stronger it gets.   Extending love fearlessly isn’t easy.  But it is essential for the growth of our heart and emotional wellbeing. When we hold back, our intention shrinks.  That’s why the rewards are worth the risk.

The following exercise will build the power of your will and intention.

This will require you to exercise your courage and intention.  You’ll practice reaching out fearlessly sharing the love.   We call it extending love fearlessly because you need to act without fear.  Ideally, pick someone you feel could not share your feelings because you fear vulnerability and rejection.  This could be a way to repair a broken relationship or reinforce a current one. 

1. Declare Your Intention

First, write a short script of what you want to say or do. Keep this script or action plan short. Only three or four brief sentences. This may be anything from an apology to telling someone that you “love them.”

Some people find it easier to start with something that involves less risk.  Something like a small act of love.  An example of a small action would be to pick up the trash you see in a public park.  Take a walk with a trash bag and pick up trash.  These types of small things build your confidence and courage so you can work up to those involving relationships.

2. Take Action

You’ve made the declaration of your intention.  Now follow through.  Take action.  Even if they do not accept your apology or words of love, you will attain a great personal victory.

Opening your heart earnestly and fearlessly makes it possible for other wonderful things to happen in your heart and your life. You learn that the fear of rejection is more debilitating and damaging than the actual act of being rejected and then moving on.

This is a real courage builder.  It means you are becoming a warrior of light, acting with courage to extend kindness and love.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. ― Scott Adams

3. Document

It’s important to document this exercise’s results in your spiritual journal or book of shadows.  It doesn’t matter the consequences.  Even if your words or actions of love are not a success.

Regardless of your results, this exercise is a step forward in your personal growth.  Extending love fearlessly opens your heart.  It’s a courage builder that will produce results in other areas of your life.  You’ll need to bolster your intention to overcome obstacles and meet goals.  It shows up as confidence in your demeanor.

Even if you don’t receive immediate positive feedback, it’s still a positive Karma builder. You might not see the results immediately. You may never see the results of the seeds you plant.  But people who engage in reaching out and extend love with courage are the ones we remember, so stick with it.

The Courage Builder Wins!

No matter what happens, you win.  You build your intention.  You feel what it is like to live out of intent instead of habit.  This is also the doorway to the virtues of the spirit.  These are what will transform your heart and perception.  It will give you a new sense of purpose.

In Conclusion

At the beginning of every meeting, we send love, light, and healing energy to facilitate those engaging in this inner work. We ask all our virtual partners to join us in sending positive energy or prayer to support this courageous effort.  This exercise is one of those we include in our blended learning process. These processes are the domain of spiritual exploration.

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