New Bigotry Trend Bias Disguised as Choice Negative Bias and Prejudice in Plain Sight

Moving Beyond Bias Disguised as Choice —

People hide their bigotry to avoid consequences. A growing trend is the cloaking of “prejudice and bias disguised as choice.” Learn how to spot it and expose the hidden agendas behind this tactic.

testing our spiritual path I test my path

See Why Testing Our Spiritual Path is Smart

I test my path.  It’s a part of my routine; it ensures I’m making progress and getting where I want to go. See why testing our spiritual path is healthy.  Want to learn how to do it?

path of truth guiding principles without religion spiritual pathways quiz

Path of Truth — The Spiritual Pathways Quiz

Is it possible to have guiding principles without Religion?  Yes.  Are there principles for moral guidance superior to those in organized Religion? Yes, there are. Come and see for yourself.

the fears we don't face become our limits the fears we don't face become our limits

The Fears We Don’t Face Become Our Limits ― Breaking Free!

The fears we don’t face become our limits and that’s the problem.  Fears are limits, and these limits come from beliefs. Beliefs that limit are self-imposed prisons.  The more you have, the more limitations you have on your freedom, your ability to think and perceive.  Learning to overcome our fears is key to any growth.

Why is Self-Compassion So Hard How is Self-Compassion Better Than Self-Esteem

Why is Self-Compassion So Hard — Self-Esteem is the Reason

Why is self-compassion so hard? It sounds similar to self-esteem, but they are very different. Nurturing compassion feeds the soul while cultivating esteem feeds the Ego. Let’s explore why they are so different and the effects of bolstering self-esteem.