New Bigotry Trend Bias Disguised as Choice Negative Bias and Prejudice in Plain Sight

Moving Beyond Bias Disguised as Choice —

People hide their bigotry to avoid consequences. A growing trend is the cloaking of prejudice and bias disguised as choice. Learn how to spot it and expose the hidden agendas behind this tactic.

Why is Self-Compassion So Hard How is Self-Compassion Better Than Self-Esteem

Why is Self-Compassion So Hard — Self-Esteem is the Reason

Why is self-compassion so hard? It sounds similar to self-esteem, but they are very different. Nurturing compassion feeds the soul while cultivating esteem feeds the Ego. Let’s explore why they are so different and the effects of bolstering self-esteem.

who is your health and well-being coach how to improve your health and well-being

Learn How to Be Your Health And Well-Being Coach

Balancing your mental health and emotional well-being in times of crisis is challenging.  Here are five steps to help you take charge and become your own health and well-being coach.   You can do this!

the tree of knowledge is the eightfold path of yoga

Tree of Knowledge — The Eightfold Path of Yoga

This Eightfold journey or path is the platform for integrating mind, body, and spirit.  Its goal is consciousness development and exploration.  Come and see how you can use these tools to enhance your spiritual walk.