the false light

Beware of The False Light

What is The False Light?

The false light is a counterfeit for our true spiritual quest.  The counterfeit makes promises but fails to deliver.  It always leaves you needing more.  It makes promises it cannot meet.  Rather, what it really wants to do is keep you a paying customer.

You can associate almost everything with the term spiritual. Some people describe eating spicy food as a spiritual experience.  But, we are not talking about analogies or figures of speech.  We are talking about following our own spiritual quest.  It’s a call to evolve.  A call to expand awareness and investigate higher states of consciousness.  It is a need to explore the unknown.  So, begin by exploring nature and the physical environment. These physical planes are finite.  But, the inner world of consciousness is infinite.  We are creatures who are designed to explore consciousness.

Counterfeit Spirituality

The largest source of The False Light is religion.  Not all religions, just those who divert us from the inner quest.  You can spot them because use the classic bate and switch.  The bate is the promise to meet your internal need for spiritual exploration.  But they divert our attention to Afterlife promises.  The dead never complain. Some also make promises of prosperity.  But, when you don’t get rich.  They tell you haven’t donated enough.  They use these tactics to keep you a paying customer.  And these are just part of the common brainwashing techniques.  They also use groupthink manipulation tactics to shape your values and behaviors.

None of this has anything to do with meeting your need for an inner quest.  Religious stories, doctrines or beliefs are a poor substitute for a true spiritual quest.  These are nothing more than distractions.  You can spot those who use these ploys because they all use the same sales tactics.  Here are the three main tools they use:

1. Above all membership and allegiance to a Supreme Being, (God or Gods)
2. The justification for what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior and values
3. Required belief in the afterlife, or life after death with either rewards or punishment

Does this sound familiar?  This is what Western Organized religion or the Abrahamic religions is all about.  And, that’s why these religions are known as the fast food of spirituality.   They need you to believe the analogies of their mythology are fact instead of metaphor.  If they can do this, they have a paying customer.


The second largest source of The False Light is commercialism.  Many people see religion for the counterfeit that it is.  But, they don’t know how to meet the inherent spiritual need to explore our nature.  They seek after external pleasures hoping that adventures, achievements, and money will fill the void.  Unfortunately, these things cannot meet our inherent spiritual need to walk our own spiritual path. So, both Western religion and commercialism are most certainly The False Light. Above all, beware of the False Light.

The True Light

The True Light is the path of consciousness exploration.  Many indigenous cultures center their efforts around techniques to explore this inner journey.  They are the pioneers of consciousness and awareness.    And, they are the true explorers of our inner light.  Not all religions sell counterfeit spirituality.  Some Eastern religious traditions are the gatekeepers of spiritual technologies for exploring consciousness.  We salute those traditions that preserve and keep this knowledge pure.

In contrast, for many others being spiritual means living life must exhibiting the higher virtues of the spirit.  In other words, it’s not what you believe but what you do with your life that counts.  It’s not about a part of an exclusive club, but about promoting equity and equality for all people.  In this case, spirituality relates to processes which expand awareness.  Rather, it’s about consciousness and spiritual development not adherence to dogma.  These are the spiritual technologies of spiritual exploration.

What are Spiritual Technologies?

In essence, spiritual technologies are methods of developing your potential.  In short, these mental tools focus on expanding awareness and consciousness.  And, these processes stand up to the test of science – repeatable and measurable. Anyone can use them. It’s like baking a cake. If you follow the directions, you get something delicious. We call the practice of these processes Spiritual Exploration.

Of course, there are several ways to list these processes. It’s important to note some of these tools could easily be in more than one category:

  • Logical reasoning is one of the first tools we study. This includes the companion tools, spotting logical fallacies and logical axioms.   Above all, these are essential tools for any spiritual explorer.  They are able to sharpen your ability to discern fact from fiction.
  • Another important basic toolset is the “inner work” methods like The Enneagram Personality Profile.  These help us to understand the mechanisms of Ego, personality, and instincts. They also provide a doorway to understanding the virtues and gifts of the spirit.
  • Progressions of seated meditation are the heart of the practice.  This includes a range from Basic Mindfulness Meditation through Japa Meditation and the Siddhis of Patanjali.
  • Next, progressions of moving meditation. For instance, several methods of energy collection, like Forest Bathing, Qigong, and Tai Chi.
  • Awareness and consciousness expansion pathways such as  Lucid Dreaming and the Shamanic Journey or Guided Meditation.
  • And last but not least, several healing modalities, such as Reiki, and Shiatsu.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you don’t need to believe in any religion to use the spiritual technologies listed above.  All you need to do is follow the process.  It’s just like baking a cake.  You follow the recipe and you get something delicious.

If this article resonates, there are more on our blog.  Also, you may be interested in learning about our blended learning process.  This is our curriculum which we use to teach several mind-expanding tools.  It also aligns the Hero’s Journey.  This is the term Joseph Campbell gave the pattern of consciousness development.  Our learning process is available in two forms.  You can take part in the virtual learning module or in our workshops.

While you are here please also check out our page FAQ for information about our mission.  And, please consider donating to support our mission of providing these ancient spiritual development tools.

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