side-effects of awakening

Side Effects of Awakening — The Growth of Awareness

A true awakening opens our heart and our mind.  There are some intended and unintended consequences.  These are side effects that in some cases are irreversible.

Don’t Fear the Side Effects

It is only natural to resist and fear change.  Change is scary even when you know the change will make things better.  So, understanding change and learning manage its side effects is a good place to start. Awakening involves a range of experiences on an expanding continuum.  There are changes in perception.  But, it also involves increasing awareness and sensitivity.  Consequently, this is often the stimulus to motivate people.  People become active in a variety of different social and environmental concerns.  This is the growth of conscience and empathy,  These are the doorways to the virtues of the spirit.

The Virtues of the Spirit

“Gratitude, Love, Appreciation, Serenity, Joyfulness, Happiness, Thankfulness, Blissfulness, and Mindfulness; these are the virtues of the spirit.  With these tools, we are able to conquer … not the world, but ourselves.  And, so then … the world does not need to be conquered.” — Guru Tua

The idea is simple.  Cultivate these natural virtues and all of the artificial boundaries aren’t necessary.  Western religion is the most prevalent creator of artificial boundaries. The side effects of the virtues of the spirit dissolve division bring us into alignment with the experience of Oneness.  It accomplishes everything religion promises but fails to deliver with it’s sectarian and tribal boundaries.  And, the best part is that it is all accomplished without doctrine or dogma.  You simply apply the processes for expanding awareness and consciousness.  Then, the virtues are a side effect.

Greater Line-of-Sight

Awakening creates a new line-of-sight.  This means you see things you didn’t before.  On the one hand, this feels great.  You see the beauty in the world.  You are able to see the value in other people, places and things.  But, this also means you see the pain and inequality in the world.  But, this gives you perspective too.  You find gratitude and thankfulness in your situation.  You appreciate the people and circumstances in your life.  Perspective is a wonderful insight the leads to serenity, even when things aren’t going our way.  If we allow our vision to expand, we see more than just our own self-interests.  This allows the virtues of the spirit to shine through.  An important skill to learn here is that of self-observation.  This helps us identify and remove the roadblocks that make internal growth possible.

Increased Emotional Bandwidth

There is also more room in our heart to feel.  So, this is a good thing.  We are no longer numb to the emotions of love and compassion.  On the other hand, we are more vulnerable.  We don’t just empathize intellectually.  We feel the pain other others.  So, we feel the need to respond to the needs other others to other living things to the environment.  It also means we feel the depth of new lows.

If you are an empath then you’ll need to learn some coping skills to handle the extra input.  Thankfully, along with feeling more you also have a greater ability to guard against absorbing negative energy.

Sorry but this is perhaps one of the side effects that are irreversible.   You can’t stop feeling empathy for people and the world. The growth of conscience is a side effect.  As a result, you also need to learn about self-care.  Learn how your health and wellness are connected to your emotions.  There are a number of elements to our health and wellness that impact our experience on the path.  So, don’t overlook the importance of creating the ideal elements for your overall lifestyle and practice.

Stimulates Intellectual Curiosity

And, our mind becomes naturally more curious.  Again, this is a good thing.  We find ourselves questioning everything.  Combining curiosity with increasing line-of-sight and the logical fallacies of the cultural narrative will become apparent.  As such, make exercising your mind as important as exercising your body.  Include the study of logical reasoning and all of its components as a fundamental component of your research process.

If you live in a social situation where curiosity is not welcome you must learn to be prudent.  Your awakening may not be seen as a good thing to those don’t want you to change.  Learn to guard your words and actions.  This doesn’t mean you should be inauthentic.  However, we’ve learned from personal experience that some cultures can be dangerous places for those who are freethinkers.  Sadly, there are still cultures today who persecute those who dare to think outside the box of their narrow and prejudiced belief systems.

Increased Ability to Connect with the Infinite

The more you meditate and connect with the infinite, the more you awaken. As a result, the more you awaken the easier it becomes to meditate and connect with the transcendent.  The side effects of awakening are synergistic.  The more you connect with the transcendent the easier it becomes.  Eventually, this can open other doors to higher states of consciousness.

For example, regular practice of meditation which allows you to reach a separate state of transcendental consciousness. This is a partition of consciousness with specific metabolic characteristics. There is an increased coherence of brainwave pattern and brain frequency operation.  This occurs in the theta-wave area around 4 to 7 Hz.

As your mind becomes familiar with this state, it begins to grow into waking consciousness. The resulting experience is known by some as “witnessing.” It’s the result of the minds natural growth awareness.  The mind is capabilities of perception expand to experience multiple vantage points simultaneously.  We experience ourselves separate from the corporeal body.  And, at the same time, also fully “present” in the body.  So, we see from this example of how consciousness is like a rainbow with progressive doors.  These doors become available as we grow.

Final Thoughts

The side effects of awakening make us more sensitive.  So, proper self-care can be something that will also make this transition more enjoyable.

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