Pro facts consciousness development , Not Anti-Religious

Pro Facts Not Anti-Religious — Focus On Consciousness Development

It’s important to be pro facts, not anti-religious.  Find out how these points differ so you can choose the right approach for developing and exploring consciousness.  The right approach for consciousness development may be preserved within an ancient tradition.

Stories Preserving Ancient Knowledge

“I am not anti-religious.  In fact, I am thankful for the ancient traditions preserving the knowledge for exploring consciousness.  The exploring consciousness was focus of many ancient cultures.  They used stories to teach this knowledge.  Stories became myth and myth became religions. 
So, I’m not discounting the wisdom within the stories of Krishna, Mythra, Apollo, Zeus or Jesus.  The analogies and metaphors within these mythologies are intended to point us to the transcendent. So, again, I am not anti-religious. I’m simply pro fact, and pro-consciousness development.”
— Guru Tua

Pro Facts Not Anti-Religious

Pro facts Consciousness development exploring consciousness

Being in favor of using facts does not mean we are anti-religious.  On the contrary, we are thankful for the traditions that have preserved and protected the teachings of ancient spiritual technologies.  We are not anti-religious.  We say this because we are able to glean the meaning of the mythology within a given religion without mistaking metaphors for facts. 

The scientific method is one that favors using facts on which to base conclusions.  The use of analytical tools is essential for a well-rounded spiritual path.  They help you determine fact from fiction.  And, so they help to keep you on the path of consciousness development instead of becoming distracted by superstition.

Consciousness Development

Being pro consciousness development is all about using processes to unlock the amazing spiritual gifts sleeping within.  Whether these gifts are part of our DNA or spiritual or other states does not matter.  It’s about exploring consciousness.  The rational mind, confined to ordinary reality, isn’t aware of them. But, you awaken them through spiritual technologies.  This is what we call the ancient processes for this type of inner quest.

What are Spiritual Technologies?

In essence, spiritual technologies are mental tools for expanding awareness and consciousness development.  Moreover, these processes stand up to the test of science.  They are repeatable and measurable.  So, it is a pro facts approach.  Anyone can use them. We call the practice of these processes Spiritual Exploration.

There many ways to list these methods. One simple way is to divide them into four main groups.

    • Analytical Tools
    • Meditation
    • Awareness Expansion Tools
    • Healing Practices

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