Insecurity and Fear

Why Are You Buying Insecurity and Fear?

In sales, you learn to use your best closing arguments to close the deal. Insecurity and fear are the all-time best closing tools.  Are you a customer?

There are many kinds of fear.  There is a fear of failure, rejection, abandonment, and loss of relationships, but nothing tops our existential fear of death.  Facing this insecurity brings about the existential crisis we know as the “dark night of the soul.”  It can be a doorway to a spiritual awakening.  But religion turns these fears into a cash flow jackpot.

Buying Insecurity and Fear?

Western Organized Religion specializes in making promises that prey upon our fundamental fear of death. These are the Semitic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  These are the rebranding of the mystery religions from Egypt, Babylon, Persia, and Assyria. Together they have over 4 billion followers.  As a result, they influence many cultures.

The Abrahamic religions(1) adopted the selling strategy of substituting the afterlife for the existential fear of death.  They saw how the ancient mystery religions capitalized on the brainwashing techniques to trigger our deepest fears.   Selling the superstition of the afterlife preys on our insecurity and fear of death and the unknown. The afterlife is a real money-maker.  It is the ideal product because there are never any returns or customer complaints.  It’s also a good closing tool for retaining members.  After all, you don’t want to lose your place in heaven.  Worse yet, you don’t want to end up in hell.

The afterlife isn’t the only commodity they sell; they also sell prosperity and healing.  Selling these enables them to prey on those in economic and health crises.  They don’t provide any help.  They want you to pray for those things.  At that same time, they want your hard-earned cash.  It is a scheme to prey on their followers’ financial insecurity and greed.  So, magnifying our fear and insecurity is a devious selling strategy and closing tool.

It provides a never-ending cash flow source, preying upon those who can least afford it.  And when your healing doesn’t come.  You didn’t pray hard enough.  When your financial troubles multiply, it is because you haven’t given enough money to them.

So, you need to maintain good standing.  You may also hedge your bet, buy indulgences, and make even more significant financial donations. Thus, help to perpetuate the most prosperous religion on the planet.

The Path Beyond Insecurity and Fear

Unfortunately, the afterlife concept is like putting a bandaid on a broken leg.  All it does is keep us from exploring this deepest fear. However, our existential anxiety doesn’t go away; it has an essential purpose.  It is the mechanism that should propel our inward journey of spiritual exploration.

The path of spiritual exploration begins for many when they can finally reject religion’s promises.  On must leave behind the counterfeit and learn to face our insecurity and fear of death.

Leaving any belief system is challenging because it doesn’t involve only beliefs. In addition, leaving a religion means changing or severing their relationship with people. For many people, the region is part of their identity.

Many people will only associate with those who continue to buy into and support religion. Sometimes this is by choice, but often is a part of the religion’s control mechanism. These practices ensure people do not associate with others outside the belief system.  It keeps you from containing other “believers.” They don’t want their customers to see inconsistencies in the belief system.

Religion is very expensive not only in monetary responsibility but also in time. Religion consumes an enormous amount of time. It often requires mandatory meetings and readings and specified daily rituals. The time you spend memorizing mythology is time wasted.

Suppose people only spent a tenth of the time embarking on some form of spiritual exploration. In that case, they will be much happier because walking your path makes you less susceptible to self-hypnosis and group hypnosis manipulation. 

In Conclusion

The afterlife is the most profitable selling strategy and closing tool ever devised.  It capitalizes on our existential fear.  If you purchase the afterlife substitute, your spiritual journey stops before it starts.  So you are effectively buying insecurity and a dead end.  You’ll need the courage and knowledge to face your fears.  Now you need to decide if you dare to follow your heart and explore it.

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